Your Year in Sports: Seven Events in 2022 | Fulton Umbrellas

Whether you love it or hate it, sport is here to stay. From football to tennis, these events bring people together from all walks of life. What could be better?

Here, we will dive into some of the most anticipated sporting events in 2022. There are lots to look out for, and this blog is a great place to start.

The Winter Olympics ( February 2022)

The first major sporting event of the year is the Winter Olympics. This brings together 95 nations to compete in a number of athletic tasks , from figure skating to snowboarding. In 2022, the Winter Olympics will be held and celebrated in Beijing, China. And the fun doesn’t stop there- keep your eyes peeled for the Winter Paralympic Game in March.

Six Nations Rugby Championship (February- March 2022)

Next on our list of watch-worthy sporting events is the Six Nations from February to March, Scotland, Italy, France, Wales, Ireland, and England come together to battle for the rugby championship of the year. Over 8.6 millions people watched the 2021 finale, so we’re expecting Six Nations 2022 to be an absolute hit this year.

Six Nations is a monumental event to mark on your calendar. There will be five rounds, each consisting of three action-packed matches. The first begins on Saturday 5th February and the games will last until Saturday 19th March. Which team are you rooting for?

Women’s Cricket World Cup (March- April 2022)

Cricket is a cracking sport. In particular, Women’s cricket is becoming a huge sporting event to look out for.  In 2021, the Hundred attracted over 1.9 million viewers. Considering this, we can only expect the very best from the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2022. One to remember, this tournament will be hosted by New Zealand between 4th March and 3rd April.

The Wimbledon Championships (June-July 2022)

Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or not, you’ve probably heard of Wimbledon. In 2021, the Grand Slam was streamed over 75 million on BBC iPlayer. Some of the most high-profile celebrities and sports stars attend this event every year. And if you look through the crowd, you’re likely to see a member of the British Royal Family.

Wimbledon is an excuse to eat fresh strawberries and sip a refreshing Pimms. What could be more quintessentially British? If you’re planning doing this and relaxing in the sun, remember to pack a sport umbrella and apply sun cream. Even the English sun can leave us feeling burnt.

Tour de France ( July 2022)

The Tour de France is another major sporting event of the year. The Big Loop takes cycling fans across awe-inspiring mountain ranges, including the Vosges and the Hautacam. As picturesque as the sounds, the Tour de France is an extreme test of endurance, as cyclists race for three race for three weeks.

Considering this, we can see why the 2021 event attracted 150 million viewers in Europe.

London Marathon ( October 2022)

The London Marathon is one of the best events in England, if we do say so ourselves. Since 1981, the race has raised an astonishing £1 billion for charities such British Heart Foundation.

Professional athletes and amateur runners compete alongside each other to complete the 26.2-mile feat and reach the finish line. This encourages their loved one to donate to their chosen charity. Do you know someone competing in the 2021 London Marathon?

The FIFA World Cup (November-December 2022)

We can’t explore the best sporting events of 2022 without mentioning the FIFA Would Cup. This year, the tournament will be hosted by Qatar. As the country has extremely hot weather, we will have to wait to watch this football occasion until winter. We know this year will be one to remember, and England has automatically qualified for the tournament. So, 2022 will go out with a celebration.

There are lots of sporting events to look out for in 2022. Sports is for everyone, so there is bound to be something for you. These tournaments are an excuse to spend time with your love ones and take some time to relax this year. Which event are you most excited to watch?


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