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Technology has changed everything, from how we work to what we do in our spare time. At Fulton Umbrellas, we wanted to see how the ever-changing world of technology has changed the traditional umbrella and what the future holds for its use, shape and function.

Check out the top hi-tech umbrella designs we can find that might move from idea to reality soon…


Bulletproof umbrellas

Imagining that you could stop an assassin with a simple flick of your umbrella is an exciting idea. This James Bond style gadget was used in the film ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ and now many people are wondering how — and if — bulletproof umbrellas work.

We, of course, already have bulletproof fabrics that prevent fatalities and could, in theory, be used in umbrella form. However, there are snags that need fixing first before this hi-tech umbrella design can get off the ground.

  • You’d still feel the tremendous energy and impact of the bullet, which might make it difficult to hold onto an umbrella during multiple shots.
  • The dome shape would cause any bullet to ricochet in all directions, making it dangerous for people standing around you.
  • The weight of a bulletproof umbrella would be much greater than a standard umbrella, so it’d be hard to hold up in the first place.

Windproof umbrellas

We all know how frustrating it is when an umbrella turns inside out on a windy day, which is where the practical wind-resistant design steps in. This hi-tech umbrella, like the windproof types we have in our Sport Umbrellas range that can withstand up to 78mph, is designed to maintain its structure even in terrific winds and sudden gusts. To do this, windproof umbrellas typically feature:

  • Double canopy: the canopy on the inside has vents that even out the pressure on the outer canopy and lets air pass through, which eases the strain on the umbrellas support structure.
  • Elastic: a cord built into the canopy that prevents it from ripping and helps to retain the overall shape.
  • Durability: very tough materials, polycarbonate joints and fibreglass shafts that can take more stress and strain than standard umbrellas.

Parachute umbrellas


If you needed to make a quick escape from a multi-storey building, what better tool to have in your arsenal than a parachute umbrella? Parachute umbrellas would allow you to land safely from a great height when danger is close. This is a great idea, however, to make this design functional, the canopy would have to be several metres wide. Although this isn’t practical right now, who knows what future designers will come up with to get around the problem.


Web umbrellas


Taking technology up a level, there are also rumours of an umbrella that can project the Internet. Using embedded cameras and Wi-Fi, this design can upload photos and videos to the web, before showing you them online via the underside of the umbrella’s canopy! This means you can browse the Internet when you’re waiting for a taxi or bus, and there’s even scope for integrating GPS sensors to help you find locations in your local area.


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Incredible Umbrella Halloween Costumes | Fulton Umbrellas

Finding the ideal Halloween costume isn’t always easy. There are so many possibilities, but how do you decide on just one? And, how do you actually put the outfit together once you have?

The easiest thing to do is start off with a theme and build your costume around that. So, why not umbrellas? To help you look the part this year, we’ve found the most famous umbrella-holding characters in film and literature to bring you the best umbrella costumes for Halloween. Easy to make and ideal if you’re trick or treating with the kids in bad weather, check out these creative Halloween costumes.

Willy Wonka


Getting free sweets is a huge part of Halloween, so why not be the world’s most famous fictional confectionary craftsman? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of those films that everyone knows, but few people seem to copy because they think it’ll be too hard. So, you’re sure to get recognised if you dress up as the leading man.

It’s up to you whether you want to go down the Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp route, but we’ll stick with the original. All you need for the clothing part of this umbrella costume is:

  • Purple blazer or long jacket.
  • Flower or paisley patterned shirt.
  • Beige chino pants and matching bow tie.
  • Brown top hat.
  • Plain brown or black dress shoes.

For the umbrella, get a plain design and use paint to recreate the famous mushroom parasol carried by Willy Wonka in the ‘Land of Candy’ scene. In the film, it’s a yellow background with large lime spots. Children’s umbrellas are a good option, as the prop is quite small in the film, and we suggest painting your design the night before to make sure it dries in time.

Jiminy Cricket


Who wouldn’t want help being the voice of conscience on hectic, sugar-loaded Halloweens? Jiminy Cricket is one of Disney’s most loved characters and this creative Halloween costume is a great idea if you’re hosting a kids’ party. For the outfit, simply get:

  • Red/orange waistcoat.
  • Beige chinos or plain trousers.
  • White shirt with turned-up collar.
  • Long black blazer or coat.
  • Yellow/gold ascot.
  • Blue top hat with a gold band (use ribbon if you like).

Jiminy uses a crimson umbrella in the film and wears cream-coloured gloves. If you want to go all out, get some olive face paint for the full Jiminy Cricket effect. Even better if you can get someone to partner up as Pinocchio.

Christopher Robin


There’s a chance it might rain on Halloween — which is another reason these umbrella Halloween costume ideas should be a hit. One of the most famous Winnie the Pooh tales is Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, which is when the woodland gang are hit by a storm and are rescued by Christopher Robin. This creative Halloween costume is simple but effective and kids tend to love it — whether they’re wearing it or you are.

For the Christopher Robin costume, get together:

  • Long, bright yellow raincoat and matching rainhat.
  • Navy shorts.
  • Black wellies.
  • Plain yellow polo top or t-shirt to wear underneath your coat.

Christopher Robin uses a black umbrella to save his friends, which is easy to find online. And if you can, turn this upside down and fill it with Winnie the Pooh soft toys to recreate the flood rescue!

Mary Poppins


Who can forget when Mary Poppins glides on screen hanging onto her umbrella? Not only is Mary Poppins one of the most popular ‘World Book Day’ characters for pupils and teachers across the UK, but she also makes a practically perfect umbrella costume for Halloween.

Easy to do and guaranteed to get the praise she deserves; start your outfit by getting a black ladies’ umbrella. If you can, customise this using the head of a soft toy parrot to stick on the brolly’s handle to represent the talking bird she has in the film. Then, grab:

  • Long, black formal coat.
  • Navy maxi skirt.
  • White blouse.
  • Black tights.
  • Black, patent leather shoes with a short block heel.
  • Red and orange knitted scarf.
  • Carpet bag.
  • White gloves.

Mary Poppins’ hat is black with flowers around the rim. If you don’t have one of these around, make one with using a straw boater hat, black spray paint, artificial flowers, and glue. Be sure to pin your hair up to properly replicate the stern-but-sweet nanny look.

MARY POPPINS, Julie Andrews, 1964

Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain


A rundown of umbrella costumes wouldn’t be complete without a nod to 1952 musical, Singing in the Rain. If you’re looking for a creative Halloween costume, there’s plenty you can do with this one. In the iconic scene where Gene dances in puddles, he uses a dark-coloured man’s umbrella with a wooden handle. For the outfit, it’s even simpler:

  • Short grey belted coat.
  • Grey dress trousers.
  • Light blue shirt.
  • Black tie.
  • Plain formal shoes.

Slick back your hair and put on a trilby hat to finish the outfit.

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady


If you’re headed to an adult party and want a creative Halloween costume that makes you look elegant and sophisticated, what better than the outfit Eliza Doolittle wore for the Ascot races in the 1964 classic? In fact, this iconic dress, worn by Audrey Hepburn, sold at auction for £2.9 million in 2011!

For the outfit, you’ll need a long, high-collar, figure-hugging, white-lace dress that trails along the ground after you topped off with a huge feathered hat. Although this might take more time than the other umbrella costumes, it’ll be worth the effort and you’ll feel like a star carrying the stunning white, frilled parasol made famous in the film.

Umbrellas are an every-day, handy prop for creating a stand-out Halloween costume. Browse the range of umbrella styles and designers we have here to help you make your outfit in time for the big night.