The Perfect Al Fresco Jubilee Experience | Fulton Umbrellas

One of the simplest and loveliest ways of making the most of the summer is by gathering your family and friends to try out a bit of al fresco dining.

Since we’ll also be celebrating the Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee this June, we think there’s no better time to get prepared for your royal-themed afternoon teas and garden parties.

Whether you’ve got a large garden, a patio, or even just balcony space in a busting city, follow these 5 simple steps to create the perfect al fresco set-up for your home.

Step 1: Pick the right furniture

Even if you don’t have a large back garden or outdoor space available, that’s no reason to skip out on giving al fresco dining a go.

A small circular table and chairs can create a cosy escape on city centre balconies. A large outdoor seating area with low tables, on the other hand, can create an open dining space in your garden this is perfect for laying back and relaxing in. Choosing the right furniture is all about maximising the potential of the space you have.

When doing this, a general rule to stick by is to choose furniture that is small enough for you and your guests to move around freely without bumping into one another. If you don’t have much space to store your furniture outside. It can make for a more personal and quirkier dining experience that is more convenient for you too!

If you have some old wooden chairs or a bench taking room in your garden, bringing them back to life with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to repurpose old furniture into your new dining space. We highly recommend trying out that gorgeous shade of royal purple to match the Platinum Jubilee Emblem.

Since this is the UK, you should also remember to keep in mind those unexpected showers or windy days that can spell the end of garden gatherings. Taking shelter beneath a parasol or growing a natural roof over time with pergola are both effective and visually pleasing ways to keep the rain off.

Step 2: Dress your table

Now that you’ve got your furniture sorted, it’s time to dress the table so it’s fit for a queen, or at least a Jubilee party.

Al fresco dining is much more informal than dining inside, so it’s not a requirement to have perfectly matching sets of crockery or glassware. In fact, it can be a great opportunity to bring your personality or a little bit quirkiness into the dining experience.

Do you want your Jubilee celebration to feel modern and fresh? Or do you want to go out with bunting and fine china? Going to charity shop, car boot sales, or antique stores is an excellent way to discover vintage crockery and glassware that fits perfectly into the royal theme.

Once you’ve found everything you need, a tablecloth or runner can bring the whole thing together. Plain white will add simplicity and elegance to your dining space (and will go perfectly with purple chairs!) Or a classic gingham pattern will really add to the vintage atmosphere Finish everything off with some flowers, teapots, or even glorious cake stand to act as a centrepiece.

Although you might not be thinking about what goes underneath the table at this point, an outdoor rug shouldn’t be overlooked. They can help define the dining area, especially in larger gardens, and give your al fresco space a more comforting atmosphere.

Step 3: Get comfy

Speaking of comforting atmospheres,  bringing in soft furnishing such as cushions and blankets to your outdoor dining can make it much more inviting and is the perfect way to add pops of colour to your party. Even napkins and the outdoor rugs mentioned above are opportunities to make your table and chair feel more welcoming.

For a Jubilee party, you might choose to go bold with red, white and blue cushions. Or if you want a more quintessentially British tea party, you could instead opt for softer floral patterns.

Cushion and blankets or throws are also great to have on hand when the weather gets cooler. No one wants to interrupt the celebrations to move everything and everyone indoors. If you want to dial up that royal factor, you can always nestle under one of our stylish birdcage umbrella (as modelled by Her Majesty herself) should the wind pick up or the heaven decide to open. They’re available in all sorts of colour and patterns to go with rest of your décor!

Step 4: Turn up the atmosphere

Now that your dining area is set up, it’s time to add the finishing accessories to really bring the atmosphere to life.

Plant pots or planting troughs are a great way to add definition accessories to really bring the atmosphere to life.

Plant pots or planting troughs are great way to add definition or separate your dining space from the rest of your garden.  The greenery combined with the scents of flowers and herbs can really add the feeling of a regal private garden or country getaway.

If the day is overcast or your festivities extend after the sun has gone down, the right lighting is also essential. A chimenea or firepit can act as a central focal point for your gathering, add some much-needed warmth, and provide a great place for guests to socialise.

If you don’t want to hassle of open flames, or if there will be excitable children at your party, you can still bring in light and warmth with fairy lights and hurricane lanterns. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to make your alfresco space a little more magical and intimate in the evening.

Once everything is in place, don’t forget to round off the atmosphere with an outdoor speaker and some good music. At Fulton, we’re particularly fond of classic British hits- just make sure whatever you choose to play is quiet enough that your guests, friends, and family can comfortable hear and speak over it.

5.  Enjoy your Jubilee Party!

With your alfresco dining area ready for the party, all you need to do now is add the food, the drink, and the guests.

Popular British treats such as sparkling wine, pork pies, cucumber sandwiches, and Vitoria sponge cake are absolute musts for any Jubilee celebration! A buffet-style menu is particularly ideal for alfresco dining since you won’t have to wander back and forth to the kitchen.

Gather your family and friends, keep your umbrellas on hand just in case, and have a spectacular weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


Best Places to Plan Your UK Staycation | Fulton Umbrellas

These are the Top UK destinations not to be missed on your staycation

In the last couples of years, the staycation trend has boomed. Although more travel is being allowed and restrictions are easing, the number of people choosing stay closer to home rather than a take trip continues to boom in 2022.

So while we’re feeling wistful for the summer holidays here at Fulton Umbrellas, we thought we’d dig into some research and find the best places to visit in the UK, based on average temperatures and the number of hotels and restaurants.


Cornwall is a stunning spot along the southwest coast where everywhere you look, you can find gorgeous, golden beaches and quaint fishing villages.

Some places like Eden Project and the city of Newquay are popular tourist spots and receive masses of visitors  each year. While the busy spots are still amazing to see, if you’re like us and prefer somewhere quieter once in a while, you’ll find many lesser-travelled areas too. Should the mood arise, you can find serene sandy beaches to take a peaceful walk along at Trevone Bay, just outside of Padstow.

For when you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s plenty of adrenaline-fuelled fun to be had kayaking, surfing and sailing, whether you’re already a pro or a total novice.

After the fun is done and you’re looking for somewhere to sit and eat great food, there are 1,965 restaurants to choose from. Pasties, ice cream, local dishes, and some of the best seafood in the UK – when in Cornwall you’ll never be too far from a delicious meal.

From cute little B&Bs to nearly 2,500 hotels, you also won’t be short of places in Cornwall to rest your head at the end of the day.

Fulton’s highlight: Tintagel Castle, Adrenalin Quarry, The Camel Trail


Between the Old Town and the New Town, the city of Edinburgh has winding streets, historical sites, and many secrets just to be uncovered.

Running through the heart of the Old Town, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is aptly named, as it connects the two royal residences: Holyrood House and Edinburgh Castle. It’s the perfect way to experience the city’s past and present as you weave between grand architecture, modern shops, and your pick of the many amazing cafes,  and restaurants.

For the nicer days, the ancient dormant volcano known as Arthur’s Seat rises above the bustling streets and is a great afternoon getaway. Taking a picnic with you means you can also enjoy 360-degree views of the city and Lothians while you eat!

If the climb doesn’t sound appealing, there are plenty of parks, galleries and gardens to explore as well. The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is one of our favourites- featuring 72 acres of lush gardens and a stunning glass greenhouse  where you can find a peaceful hideaway from the busy streets.

Fulton’s highlight: Lauriston Castle and Gardens, Scott Monument, Scotch Whisky Experience


Next on our list is Kent, and there’s a good reason why is has been known as the ‘garden of England’ for so long. With countless trails running though the slice of English countryside, Kent is the perfect getaway for walking and cycling enthusiasts.

Whether on foot, on two wheels or chugging along the heritage railway, visiting Kent is like taking a journey through many different eras of English history, from Dover Castle’s  900-year-old legacy to medieval Canterbury.

Kent’s average temperature is also 15 degrees, so you’ll be sure of a pleasant day out. Mostly sure, that is- best to pack one of our umbrellas in your bag just in case the Great British weather decides to live up to its reputation!

If you prefer the seaside to the rolling hills, there are many thriving towns to explore along the coastline. This includes the popular resorts of Margate, where you’ll find many family-friendly activities to keep both you and the kids entertained. There are also the iconic white cliffs of Dover, which not only offer amazing views across the Channel but are also home to families of seats that you might be lucky enough to spot!

Kent’s Heritage Coast was the only UK destinations featured in Lonely Planet’s list of the best regions to visit in the world in 2022. That alone is more than enough reason to add Kent to your staycation list. The fact that it’s also home to some of the best vineyards and wineries in the UK is a bonus if you’re partial to glass or two.

Fulton’s highlights: Canterbury Cathedral, Prison Island, Chapel Don Winery.

Lake District

The Lake District has a bit of a reputation when it comes to the weather, often cig cited as one of the rainiest places in England. However, it’s also the largest National Park in England. From soaring fells to tranquil lakes and cute villages, this is not a place you want to overlook.

There’s an almost fairy-tale-like beauty to the Luke District, with quiet forests, hidden waterfalls and moss-covered trails that are so tempting to lose yourself in. Stock Ghyll Force just outside of Ambleside is a particularly beautiful spot to sit and listen to the rush of the water.

In between these are busy towns such as Windermere, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the UK. Here you’ll find many shops to explore and activities to dive into- boat rides across the 11-mile-long lake are always a good choice.

When you’ve had enough of walking, hiking, cycling, or sailing, there are plenty of laid-back attraction to visit as well. Enter the charming world to Beatrix Potter at Hill Top Farm, wander through quaint villages, and discover amazing country pubs to grab bit in.

In case you do happen to visit when the clouds are rolling in- a rainy adventure is still an adventure in the Lake District! Just make sure to pack our adults’ and kids’ umbrellas in your backpack- they’re sturdy enough to keep you protected whatever the weather.

Fulton’s highlight: Theatre By The Lake, Tarn How’s Townend.


No holiday in London could be long enough to explore everything this massive, bustling city has to offer. But that’s no reason not to spend some time enjoying the countless attractions and sights you can find in one of the world’s most visited cities.

From the quirky to the cultural, London is the place where you can enter renowned museums and art galleries, admire the sweeping gothic architecture and huge skyscrapers, then hop on the Tube to go and play life-sized Monopoly with your friends.

There’s no short supply of places to eat either, According to our research, the UK capital has the most restaurants in the UK, coming in at 20,564. While you probably can’t sample all of them on your trip, London is melting pot of cuisines from across the world that your taste buds are just beginning to discover. If you’re feeling fancy, London is also home to the second most Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe next to Paris, the sixth most in the world.

The capital also gets the highest average temperature in the UK, around 17 degrees. This makes it ideal for your plans, whether that’s sightseeing on an open-top bus, wandering the famous market streets, or ducking into one of the many indoor attractions. If you do get caught out in the rain, you can just do as the Queen does grab one of our birdcage umbrellas to keep you dry and looking stylish?

Fulton’s highlight: British Museum, Leadenhall Market, Buckingham Palace

If you’re still wondering where to go on your next staycation or are planning a weekend away from the daily grind, we hope these have inspired you to get planning your next adventure closer to home! Go on, what you are waiting for?