The Biggest Royal Influences: Which Country is the Most Devoted?

Royal families all over the world are renowned for their luxurious lifestyle, fashionable clothing, and the history behind their regal status. Not only do they play an integral part in traditional cultures, they have proven to influence the fashion choices of entire nations. For centuries, clothing styles modelled by royal figures have been iconic, gaining the royal appraisal many strive to achieve through their outfit choices and styles.

With this said, just how much of an influence has royal attire effected the fashion choices of nations all across the globe? Here with Fulton Umbrellas, retailer of ladies umbrellas, we discuss the five countries around the world that has been influenced by royal fashion.

1.    India

The prestige style that various royal families models in their everyday life has influenced more than just Britons. In fact, they have shaped the outfit choices of individuals all over the world — India being one of them. Research shows that over 1,300 people in India searched for ‘royal fashion’ related terms over the course of a year since May 2019, proving a popular dress choice for many. Since India has a royal family of their own, royal fashion appears to be an interest their nation shares.

As for India’s royal family, there have been many royal members throughout the decades that are renowned for their prestigious fashion choices. Dating back to the late 1920s, Maharani of Cooch Behar, Indira Devi, was pictured wearing a silk chiffon saree that used luxurious materials with a tailored touch of personalisation, this being the initial catalyst for this trend. Even decades before this, the Maharani family have been responsible for embracing a sense of modernity in their fashion attires that have led to many monumental movements in terms of the nation’s fashion preferences. In 1905, Maharani Rani Kanari of Kapurthala was regularly pictured wearing lavish head pieces and hats, all of which comprised a slight westernised twist to them. It was said at the time that for royal families such as the Maharanis, they were fans of westernised clothing, so much so they began including it as part of their everyday attire.

In recent years, it’s thought that royal fashion has been influenced by monarchies all around the globe, not just home countries. When Kate Middleton visited India, she wore a local designer dress out of respect to the host country and it caused an attention overdrive. The local designer’s website where she bought it from crashed due to the high volume of people wanting to purchase from them!

2.    The USA

After the British television programme Downton Abbey took US screens by storm in 2010, it’s fair to say that America’s interest in royal life is a popular thing to obsess over. The historical aura of royalty that reputable British fashions and fabrics entail is desired across the USA. The terms ‘royal style’ and ‘royal fashion’ were searched almost 1,300 times on the web by US citizens since May 2019, suggesting many turn to royals for advice on this matter.

In 2017, the Society of London Fashion Designers hosted a dress show in memory of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret that later on was repeated in places all across America including Washington, and many Canadian cities, proving royal dress attires dating back to the 60s are far from outdated.

In more recent news, Meghan Markle has become one of the most admired royal fashion influencers across the globe. The former Suits actress made her first appearance with Prince Harry at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto whereby she wore a simple white shirt and distressed light-blue jeans. This caused a surge in sales of these two casual wear clothing items. As for other royal fashion influences causing a stir in American fashion is the likes of Katie Middleton and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, whereby their tweed coats, long prestigious jackets, and adorable children’s clothing has led to many feeling inspired to take the same luxurious fashion tips on board.

3.    Germany

High-end fashion brands that strive in exceptional quality and expensive materials are, of course, popular amongst the royals. German fashion brands such as Hugo Boss have proved to be a trusted source of clothing for many of the royals’ clothing attire. Prince Harry for example was pictured wearing a coat from BOSS while attending a church service event in 2017. As for Meghan Markle, she was seen wearing a Hugo Boss leather skirt while on a trip to Sussex in 2018.

Data suggests that since May 2019, royal fashion related terms were searched over 1,050 times in Germany, suggesting that royal style is something German citizens admire. Perhaps it is due to their shared admiration of Hugo Boss, or their love for prestigious clothing must-haves. In 2019 while spending time in Germany on their royal tour, Kate Middleton was pictured wearing an array of fashionable outfits. During a visit to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, she modelled a blue Catherine Walker coat and dress with nude heels, followed by an off-shoulder maxi dress later in the trip for a party.

The royal trip could have been the inspiration behind high search volumes for royal fashion related terms — after all, figures such as Kate Middleton are renowned for their stylish clothing options.

4.    The Netherlands

Known for being one of the most significant fashion influencers in monarchy, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is adored for her iconic styles. Since May 2019, royal style related terms were searched over 740 times in the Netherlands, proving many citizens want to take on board a touch of royal fashion advise as part of their everyday looks.

Wearing formal work attire while working at home, the Dutch monarch modelled a colourful print blouse with vibrant red earrings, forming a smart and sophisticated work outfit. As for her bolder statement looks, in 2020 she was pictured wearing a green blouse, bright yellow trousers, and a multi-coloured jacket, showing she is not shy to express her colourful side through outfits. As for some of her signature casual looks, the nation adored her beige t-shirt with floral detailing and matching culottes ensemble when visiting the Silima Lombu Ecovillage in Tobalake.

Queen Maxima has proven time and time again to be of high interest to those seeking fashion advise, as high search volumes are derived from royal fashion related clothing in the Netherlands.

Clothing worn by the royals has been of great influence on nations across the world for centuries. From casual everyday looks to more formal events, it’s evident that royal families contribute greatly to these fashionable clothing ensembles.