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Matchmaking Movies: Pairing Our Favourite Movies to the Weather

Come rain or shine, there’s nothing like movie night. But the great debate around which movie we intend to watch can push us to high anxiety – the opposite of what a relaxing night in should be. What do you fancy? A superhero film? Fantasy? Romance? Cue the ensuing arguments.

You could choose a film by rolling a dice or pulling names out of a hat. But there is one method that may help choose the best film to watch – the weather.

The weather can make us feel all kinds of ways. The cold makes us cosy up while a sunny day can make us feel active and excited. The wind brings an air of mystery, and the rain makes us feel like the sofa is the safest space in the world. How does the weather make you feel? And what movies best fit that mood?

Here we explore some of the best films to pair with the weather, their umbrella influences, and why movie night is an activity for all seasons.

Snowy scenes: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

A spot of snow doesn’t mean you have to watch a festive movie on the TV. Instead, the snow may give you some magical inspiration. We recommend watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as your frozen film.

Fall in love with the first entry into the wizarding series, meeting Hedwig the snowy owl along the way. Snuggle up under a blanket (invisibility optional) and take heed of Hagrid’s magic umbrella to start a cosy fire to stay warm – or just pop the heating on. If the snow hasn’t stopped by the end of the movie, that’s okay. You’ve got seven more films to get through while the snow thaws.

Windy weather: Mary Poppins

If you’re experiencing gusts of winds in the east, you may want to switch on Mary Poppins to wait out the wild weather. Mary Poppins rides the breeze on her parrot-headed umbrella to help the Banks children in this classic Disney musical.

The wind represents a force for change in the film, allowing Mary Poppins to leave a happy family in her wake. You’ll feel reinvigorated with this film which teaches us not to take the world so seriously. After the film, you’ll no longer want to shelter from the wind. You’ll be quick to go fly a kite – just make sure you take a windproof umbrella with you. Otherwise, you may find your feet lifting off the ground.

Sunny days: Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Summer weather is all about fun, excitement, and high adrenaline activity. For your movie night, you need something that can live up to all those expectations. We recommend Kingsmen: The Secret Service, an action spy comedy feature that hits all the right sunny notes.

You may get inspiration from the suave league of private intelligence spies. Their sharp suits and gadget-filled umbrellas are a fun contrast to their active combat and witty humour. On a warm night after a sunny day, there’s nothing better than setting up a projector onto the garden wall and watching an exciting film.

Thunderous feature: Batman Returns

The ghoulish setting of Gotham City makes Batman Returns the perfect movie for nights filled with thunder and lightning. It’s certainly Danny DeVito’s characterisation of the Penguin which creates a fantastic horror style. Complete with a unique umbrella design, you’ll be hypnotised by the lucid style of this film.

You can get your hands on your own designer umbrella which will captivate anyone that sees you walking down the street, though there’s no doubt that you’d look more welcoming than this stout villain.

Predictable precipitation: Singin’ in the Rain

When it comes to the rain, our choice of film is limited by nostalgia and clichéd pickings. Can you watch anything other than Singin’ in the Rain when it’s chucking it down? The classical American musical is appropriate for the weather in the obvious ways. But it’s Gene Kelly’s electric dancing that makes us want to embrace every puddle and let a torrential storm soak through our clothes.

Take your pick of luxury umbrellas to skip your way through the rain and enjoy this pop culture classic. You’ll have a glorious feeling by the time the credits roll.

Whatever the weather, there’ll be a movie to match your mood. Choosing a film based on the nature of the outside world will only add to the experience. Pick one that makes you feel like the characters in your favourite film. Just add an umbrella to the mix and you can act along to the best scenes.

Embracing Rain on a UK Staycation | Blog | Fulton Umbrellas

A Guide to Embracing Rain on a UK Staycation

Weather in the UK is famously unpredictable. When it comes to the seasons, the rules just don’t apply. It’s not surprising to see snow in June or experience T-shirt weather in December. Sometimes those days will catch us off guard and hinder our best-laid plans.

Now, with varying roadmaps to exit lockdown for all four nations of the UK, and a successful vaccine drive pushing the country towards greater freedom, there is optimism that staycations will be allowed to go ahead during the summer.

However, the choice of a UK summer holiday is vastly different from the experience of going abroad. While we can expect heatwaves and gloriously sunny days, we must brace ourselves for a rain check.

Having a back-up plan for those rainy days on a UK staycation is essential for keeping your holiday on track. But thinking of what to do when the weather keeps us in our own lockdown can be difficult.

Here, we take a look at the best ways to have the weather on your side during your holiday, come rain or shine.

Sit back and relax

After the year we’ve had, we shouldn’t take a little bit of relaxation for granted. While we’d love to do this on a sunny deck chair, there’s always the chance that the rain will keep us in. Make sure that you’re prepared to stay indoors while using the rain as a tool for relaxation.

The rain has a regular and predictable pattern. This means that it can help our brain relax while processing the calming sound. Take advantage of these moments to sit back and enjoy your time. When it rains you can:

– Read a book
– Do some yoga
– Write a postcard
– Create some art
– Have a massage
– Sleep

Use the sound of the rain as a tool for meditation when you’re on your staycation. It can help you feel relaxed and make you appreciate the quiet moments a little more. After all, what do you go on holiday for if not to relieve our stresses?

Embrace the storm

Staying in when it rains can be relaxing but embracing the weather can be just as enjoyable. Rain only gets in the way when we don’t expect it. Preparing for a rainy day means that you can plan an exciting activity that utilises the wet weather.

For families, playing in the rain can be an exciting and unusual activity. Although it can be messy, you’ll make amazing memories during your staycation.

Children can use containers to measure the rain and see how quickly they can collect a cup of water. Sending paper boats down flowing bodies of water can lead to exciting and high-stake races. Even stomping, jumping, and running through puddles can be a welcome and fun break for any child. Make sure that you’re prepared with a kids umbrella while they enjoy the wild weather. Embracing the elements is very important after a year of lockdown and staying indoors.

Grin and bear it

It’s great to feel the sun on your skin, but good weather is never promised on a UK staycation. Sometimes we just have to endure the cold and enjoy the time while we can.

You can still do many of the same activities you planned to do on your staycation in the rain. Fancy going on a hike? Just make sure that you’re well wrapped up and that you take a quality windproof umbrella to fight the gusts and rain. The world is transformed when it rains, and it should be seen. Climb to the top of a wet and slippery hill and enjoy the views of rainbows and a town under a deluge from the sky.

Even botanical gardens look better in the rain. See rain hit flowers while taking shelter under a tree for a picnic. Visit local attractions and see the true nature of a UK village, town, or city. This country was built in the rain, so it’s important to remember that you’re getting the full cultural experience during your staycation.

Any type of holiday will be enjoyable after enduring the past year, so a spot of rain on your staycation is unlikely to ruin your plans to have a relaxing break. Making sure that you’re well prepared with warm coats, good plans, and quality umbrellas is the best that we can do to make sure that everything runs smoothly.