Whatever the Weather: Creating the Perfect Garden for Self-Isolation

Self-isolation is upon us — with bank holidays approaching and uncertainty of when we’ll be allowed back outside, it’s down to us to spruce up our time at home and improve our gardens to have fun with the people we live with. Fortunately, there’s plenty of inspiration for us to use to transform our gardens into a relaxing haven as the weather starts to warm up. Pop-up venues have become increasingly popular as of late. With everything from container units to outdoor amphitheatres, us Brits are keen to make the most of even the wettest of weekends. With fantastic events all over the country, why not recreate them in our own back garden? Here, we’ll will explore how you can take on the elements and enjoy the fresh air as we head towards spring in self-isolation.

Creating the perfect environment

Firstly, and most importantly, make your garden aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Most beer gardens and outdoor dining areas have been designed to accommodate us comfortably, so that should be the first thing on your mind for the perfect ‘al-fresco isolation’ experience.

Parasols for all seasons

Order some parasols. Seriously, this should be consideration number one! The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, and you don’t want to throw a garden party for the rain to randomly douse you and the people you live with (unless if you’re having a water fight?). If the weather isn’t great, usually when out and about outside, you’ll have been protected by the elements by your men’s and ladies’ umbrellas — but now they can put these to one side in your garden and you can sit under the protection of your lovely parasols. The great thing about parasols is that they don’t stand out like a sore thumb in certain seasons, they can be used for protection against rain and shade in the sun. Everywhere from your local Wetherspoons to the Ritz Restaurant Terrace in London have parasols!

Up your flooring game

Decking and patio can be a pretty addition to any garden, but it can be so samey and can make your garden forgettable out in terms of decoration and creativity. Up your decoration game and invest into extra details that will make yours stand out from the rest. Setting down a beautiful outdoor rug underneath your dining area will take your garden to the next level — sumptuous padding makes everyone feel right at home. There’s plenty of waterproof and reversible rugs out there, so get looking online!

Mismatch on purpose

Shabby chic is a style appearing to endure all. And this is ideal for your back garden! To take advantage and create this type of look, you could buy a metal table big enough to fit you and the people you live with, that will endure all kinds of weather and complement with mismatching furnishings and seats that will look trendy and boho. Grab a cheap linen tablecloth that will look rustic, with random cushions, candles, and lights and hey presto — the perfect ambient spot!

Create the atmosphere

Make sure you’ve got a portable speaker so that you can all listen to your favourite music and have a sing along while eating food and drinking great drink!


There’s plenty of fun, creative ideas to improve your self-isolation experience at home. With the people you love and live with, what could be better?