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How to Weatherproof Your UK Outdoor Wedding

Content: Whether you’re saying your vows under a forest canopy, enjoying a garden party in a sprawling country estate, or overlooking an endless glistening ocean, spending your big day in the great outdoors can create a breathtaking experience for you and your guests. However, no matter how much you plan the details of your wedding, if you’re in the UK then one thing you’ll always be unable to control is the weather.

Some believe that the heavens opening on your wedding day is good luck, but between soggy guests and muddy fields, there’s no denying that it can make things difficult. Nevertheless, rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing and you can have a day that’s just as magical and memorable. Here are our top practical tips for embracing the rain whilst staying comfortable.

1. Make sure there’s cover available

If the forecast is looking rainy, the first thing you should do is make sure that your venue has an indoor or covered area that you can use. Renting a tent, marquee or gazebo is also a must to keep your guests dry, especially if you’re planning on having a laid-back barbeque or food trucks.

Ahead of time, you might also want to do a practice run-through of how you’re going to quickly move everything indoors, should the weather be too bad to stay outside.

2. Keep your vendors informed 

If there is rain on your wedding day, there’s a good chance it’s going to change your schedule in one way or another. Whenever your plans change, it’s a good idea to keep everyone informed of what’s happening, including your photographer, stylist, florist, caterer etc. Your planner can help you with this, or you can ask close friends or family to help everybody coordinate so they know what the plan is.

3. Choose footwear wisely

I think we can all agree walking around with wet feet, or damp shoes and socks is uncomfortable and not enjoyable on any day. For outdoor weddings, waterproof sprays might help in keeping the rain from seeping into your footwear. Another good tip is to leave the stiletto heels at home as they may cause you to sink and damage both the ground and your shoes. If the venue is likely to get a little muddy, you could truly dress for the occasion and opt for matching wedding wellies.

Another thing to consider is bringing spare footwear that you can reserve for the photographs and then swap out for a pair that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Remember to also send a message to your guests ahead of schedule so they have time to find themselves appropriate footwear.

4. Provide umbrellas

Having an umbrella is a necessity for a rainy outdoor wedding. Our windproof umbrellas can certainly keep the rain off your back. Or for the photos, our transparent umbrellas will help you capture the perfect shot without obscuring the view.

You could either stock your venue with a bucket of spare umbrellas that people can use, or send guests a message ahead of time to let them know that they’ll need to bring one. You could even consider asking guests to bring colours or patterns according to your theme so everyone can be matching in the photographs!

5. Keep a few towels on hand 

It’s always handy to have a few towels at your venue if rain is forecast, both for the wedding party and guests to dry off with or to wipe down outdoor seating and tables once the rain has stopped.

6. Hair and makeup 

Your stylist will help you pick the best makeup and hairstyles for a rainy day. Just be aware that your original plans may have to change. If you were planning on wearing your hair down, for example, you might have to consider an up-do instead, so it doesn’t end up flat or frizzy.

7. Check the forecast

While this might be the last thing you want to do, if you’ve got a rough idea of when the rain is going to fall on the day, you can make sure to plan around it. But try not to tie yourself up in knots thinking about the rain – after all, the weather is difficult to forecast.


A rainy wedding shouldn’t make it any less enjoyable. On the Fulton Umbrellas blog, we’ll share our top tips for embracing the rain!

You probably weren’t planning on a rainy wedding, but just think about all the ways it can make your day just as special and memorable. Intimate photographs of the happy couple cosied up under a stylish umbrella, guests splashing in puddles, moody atmospheric photos – your photographer probably has lots of ideas on how to make the most of it.

The rain may change some plans, but what it won’t change is the fact that this is a day to celebrate love, so embrace it!