Why Gender-Fluid Fashion is the Way Forward| Fulton Umbrellas

There were many things we were taught as children that didn’t really pan out in our adult life. You need to go to university to get a good job. Pink and dresses are for girls, not for boys.

But as we’ve grown up, we’ve realised that these ‘rules’ are made to be broken. Why should colours be limited to one gender? And who’s to say men can’t look amazing in more feminine attire? We’ve seen countless celebrities break the mould once again in recent times, from Lil Nas X to Cara Delevigine.

The early days of gender-fluid fashion

Right now, a lot of celebrities are defying gendered boundaries with their clothing, We’ve seeing this particularly amongst young male celebrities, with Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, and Troye Sivan leading the way. But the history of gender-fluid fashion goes back much further, Before Harry Styles, we had David Bowie on stage in flowy frocks and Prince in a minidress in a Betsey Johnson advert.

Androgynous fashion wasn’t just limited to men either. Grace Jones embraced masculinity in her style, donning power suits with huge shoulder pads and wearing her hair in a conventionally sharp, masculine style. Grace Jones embodied gender ambiguity perfectly, with one commentator remarking that she executed it so well, some people thought she was a drag queen.

Flamboyant gender-fluid fashion defined the 1970s and 1980s, which is when many of us were first introduce to these looks. Princes, David Bowie, and Grace Jones led the way , but Queen, the Cure, Duran Duran, and other groups embraced make-up and feminine style before our icons of today.

While this eras were many people’s first introduction to gender-fluid style, Marlene Dietrich was breaking boundaries back in 1932 with her masculine suits. We know ancient Roman and Egyptian men wore togas and dresses, while Scythian women in Greece wore trousers to fight in wars.

The new era of gender-fluid fashion

After a lull in the 1990s and early 2000s, unisex fashion is back with a bang. Since reaching the height of fame in 2018, Billy Porter has been redefining red carpet fashion, stepping out in everything from oversized pearl necklaces and stunning embroidered capes to his iconic velvet gown and tuxedo combination at the 2019 Academy Awards.

Harry Styles is one of the most talked-about celebrities when it comes to modern androgynous style. His personal style gradually grew more flamboyant throughout the years; his career in One Direction began with skinny jeans and plain tees but progressed to quirky, printed silk shirts before he began to don flowery suits, sequined jumpsuits, and eventually feather boas and dresses. Style proves that you don’t have to wear dresses alone to blur gender boundaries; many of his most iconic outfits feature sheer detailing, sequins, bows, and high-waisted fits that we’d ordinary see on womens.

For women, Zendaya and Kristen Stewart and redefining gender fashion norms. Kristen Stewart embodies what we’ve come to know as “cool girl” style, pairing slim-fit or boxy suits with slicked back, androgynous hairstyle and perfectly smudged eyeliner. Zendaya floats between ultra-feminine and masculine, stepping out in oversized suits and mullets one day, and feathery ballgowns the next.

Why gender-fluid fashion is so positive 

Unisex and gender-fluid fashion removes long-held assumptions about what clothing is appropriate for men and women. No longer are we constrained in the way we express ourselves. We can be experimental and fun with our outfits, how we wear our hair, or even whether we have fun with makeup.

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh, responsible for the couture genderless looks we’ve seen on Kid Cudi,  Lil Nas X, and others, comments: ” For me, it represents personal empowerment despite any social norm. It vehemently represents confidence.”  Billy Porter, meanwhile, believe it’s time to tear down traditional gender norm, especially with regard to men’s fashion : “Women are allowed to be masculine and that’s considered strong and powerful… But when men wears dresses, it’s a thing. I’m over that. We need to shatter that stereotype.”

Fashion brand are sitting up and paying attention. A number of leading designer’s have launched unisex collections recently. London Fashion Week also announced it was going gender neutral in 2021.

Bringing genderless fashion in your style

It you’re never embraced androgynous fashion before, you might be wondering where to start. But it doesn’t have to be daunting, and you don’t have to dress extravagantly as the celebrities leading the way.

Daniel Craig’s pink velvet blazer set tongues wagging when he wore it to No Time to Die premiere, highlighting that playing with colours is still one way you can embrace gender-fluid fashion. Incorporating lighter pastels and bold pinks into your outfit is a good place to start.

Another way to ease into gender-fluid fashion is through your accessories. Gone are the days of handbags and backpacks only being used by women- a crossbody satchel or studded backpack is a fun way to mix up your look. Even something as simple as a colourful designer umbrella elevates your look in a simple, gender-fluid way. Birdcage umbrella are especially chic!

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, think about your silhouettes. This is a key way to embrace genderless fashion- think boxy suits and brogues for women, and ruffles or high-waisted trousers for men. You could even keep your silhouette clean and sleek for a big event while still standing out from the crowd – Troye Sivan proved that in his slim-fit, low-cut black dress at the 2021 Met Gala. Depending on how bold you already are in your sartorial choices, the sky really is the limit.

Gender-fluid fashion is huge right now, and it’s here to stay. it’s certainly not the first time androgyny has been in style- from flamboyant catsuits in the 1970s to Kurt Cobain’s famed yellow ballgown in the 1990s, we’ve seen stars defy gender expectations for decades. As people become more comfortable with dressing how they want, we expect genderless fashion to become the norm. Whether you mix it up with a traditional ladies umbrella or you wear a structure tuxedo, it’s time to dress the way you want to dress. Because why should our gender limit our self-expression?













How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party | Fulton Umbrellas

A Fright to Remember: How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

Halloween is the time for fancy dress, scary movies, and spooky parties. What could be better?

Hosting a Halloween-themed party is a fun way to spend All Hallow’s Eve with friends and family. If the party is at your house this year, there are lots of ways you can make your event a night to remember.

Take note! Here are five simple steps to hosting the ultimate Halloween party.

Dress up the food and drinks

Rise to the occasion and make some Halloween-themed food and drinks. The option are endless, but here are few ideas:

  • Little ghosts out of marshmallow or meringues
  • A chocolate slime tart
  • Served “toes” made from sausage and pastry
  • Cake pops shaped like classic Halloween creatures.
  • Monster pizza bites
  • Don’t forget about the punch too – make a huge batch and serve in a cauldron!

Party planning is a lot of work. If you don’t have time to cook a Halloween-themed menu, there are plenty of pre-made items you could get:

  • Eyeball-wrapped chocolate
  • Fairy buns with Halloween-themed rings
  • Pre-baked biscuits shaped like bats and cats

Decorate with a themes in mind 

Embrace the spooky season and make your own haunted house. Decorate your home with:

  • Skeletons
  • Ghosts
  • Pumpkin bunting
  • spider webs
  • skulls
  • bats and much more.

Sticking to a theme will give your party a polish and professional look that wouldn’t go amiss on the big screen.

Focus on the classics and go crazy with cobwebs, ghosts, bats, and jack-o’-lanterns. You can also pepper in some black cat cut-outs or ornaments. A few witch statues or hanging skeletons, ghosts and zombie motifs throughout your home. We’ve even seen people throw Halloween parties based on their favourite films- whether it’s a magical Harry Porter party or scary It-themed’ do.

Fright night

Boo! Jump out and scare your guests for a frightful Halloween. ‘ Tis this season… You could do this in a number of ways, from changing outfits and frightening your guests to enlisting your fellow party guests! For a few more scares, try revamping your Halloween -themed playlist with some spooky sounds.

Remix classic Halloween games

Entertain your guests and remix your favourite Halloween games. Many Halloween parties will get a Ouija board involved, and that’s classic All Hallow’s Eve activity. If that’s not really your thing, why not try a grown-up trick or treat? You could hide treats (think chocolate, boiled sweets, and maybe even some mini bottles of spirits) and a few tricks (like jelly, hard-boiled eggs, or spaghetti) around your home and get your guests to hunt for them. the person who finds the most treats wins!

For more frightful delights, get your guests to sit down with their eyes closed and pass around a box full of strange-feeling things. Tell them they’re handling brains, eyes and guts- it’s gruesome in the most fun way!

Take the party outside

Is that anything more quintessentially Halloween than the silver glow of the moon? Extending your decorations and party into your garden is essential. What’s more, you can give your guests some good old-fashioned jump scares with motion-activated decorations that will cackle or shout “Boo!” at them as they go by.

Don’t let the wind and rain ruin your outdoor party! Encourage your guests to warp warm and enjoy the haunting atmosphere. If you don’t have a canopy, hang up some windproof umbrellas to create a covered outdoor area. Bonus points if they’re in Halloween-y colours like orange, black, or purple.

Why stop there? Prepare your garden for outdoor parties all year round. Check out our top picks:

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. We finally have an excuse to indulge in our fancy-dress, favourite horror films, and guilty pleasure playlist. Follow our five step guide and treat your guests for a fright- we mean, night- to remember.




How to Perfect Your Brolly Style | Fulton umbrellas

As the early signs of autumn set in, we’re preparing ourselves for some wet weather ahead. After a summer of heatwaves, it may hard to start thinking about snuggly and warm clothing and lots of layers.

But there’s no need to worry; a little rain never hurt anybody! Plus, it gives us another excuse to fill our wardrobes with fantastic fall-season fashion.

If you’re heading out on a grey-sky day, there’s no reason to not look the part. So next time you leave the house, remember these brolly-pairing rules- because the fashion forecast says that it’s cloudy with a chance of style.

Patterns to pair

Your umbrella is the perfect accessory- and partnering it’s style with other accessories helps to establish themes across your outfits, This allows wardrobe essentials to take backseat and your smaller style choices do the talking.

Joules is the essential clothing brand of the British country lifestyle, and it’s umbrellas can be easily paired with other patterned accessories. It’s floral motifs and tartaned can be aligned with scarfs, bags, belts, and hats. Darker undertones on essential coats, jerseys, trousers and skirts will help embolden your overlayers.

Sophisticated showers

Men can radiate refinement even in the wettest of weather with designer umbrellas. Ted Baker is renowned for quintessential British sensibility. Matching these brollies with smart-causal wear can elevate outfit from puddles.

For umbrellas, geometric tiled patterns are in, characterising a steadfastness against the rain. Pair this patterns with relaxed tailoring that is set to dominate wardrobes this fall and winter. Oversized overcoats echo country living, layering on neutral tones. Providing that must-have snuggly layer, the humble fleece is set to be a uniquely formal addition to the season.

Brazen designs

Bold designs should not be shied away from when it comes to umbrellas, Designs can be worn to contrast your clothing. Easily drawing the eye, seasonal colours should be used to complement your outfits.

Print designs by William Morris have endured since the ninetieth century, and prints of his designs embolden umbrellas. Fauna and flora illustrations create a backdrop of your clothes, which you should aim to keep within muted block colours. Long wool coats further add to unifying Victoria motifs, combing classis fashion with modern distinction.

Be seen in the storm

Sometimes, it’s best to let your outfit do the talking, Sheltering under an umbrella is convenient to avoid the rain, but you shouldn’t feel enclosed, Transparent umbrellas are the perfect solution for staying dry but still allow for the light to shine on your clothing choices. Better yet, it can be worn with virtually any outfit, camouflaging itself to draw attention to the person holding the brolly rather than the brolly itself.

Clear umbrellas are used primarily on red carpets on rainy days. They are even favoured by the Queen on her visits around the world -it’s the best way for everyone to see her and her bold outfits that always do down a storm.

Whatever your outfit, you can find an umbrella to match. We shouldn’t let the weather rain on our fashion parade. Using this essential accessory to pair with outfits is the best way to always stay stylish. Fulton umbrellas is partnered with a range of fashion brands to produce the best designer umbrellas. Whether on the golf or a trip into town with friend on a wet day, be prepared to look the part with a golf umbrellas or pair outfits with luxury umbrellas. 

Enjoy Summer at the UK’s Best Lidos | Fulton Umbrellas

Enjoy Summer at the UK’s Best Lidos

Summer 2021 is going to look a lot different from usual. As restriction ease, many sun-seekers will not be jetting off on an international holiday this year. But don’t fret; with heatwaves, good times and an adventures spirit, there’s still so much we can enjoy in our own country.

Why do you normally go on holiday? Do you like discovering local history, enjoying new cultures, or cooling off in the pool? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of those three activities, then your staycation is going to get a lot better. We present to you the humble lidos. If you didn’t know, a lido is an open-aired swimming pool or bathing beach is open to the public. They’re an icon of the traditional beach holiday. And with staycations on the rise, they’re set to make a big splash in our summer plans. Join us as we explore five out of the UK’s best lidos and why your perfect summer vacations is just a lido away.

Saltdean Lido, Brighton (England)

When you think of lidos, you think of 1930s summer getaways. Well, after years of neglect, this 30’s icon reopened in 2018 for modern families to enjoy. The pool was once described by Historic England as “one of the seven wonders of English seaside, “emphasising its impressive art deco architecture. It’s not just a fun place to hang around; it’s a site of cultural and historical significance – everything you need from a good holiday location. You can even enjoy Brighton beach while you’re there.

The Gourock Pool, Gourock (Scotland)

If you’re looking for a fun adventure just out of Glasgow, then Gourock Pool is a popular choice for local Scots and visitors alike. It’s popularity is unsurprising, as the pool offers expansive views over the Clyde. Even better, the salt-water pool is heated. So even on days when you’re more likely to need a windproof umbrella than beach towel, you can still enjoy swimming in the warm water, It’s a perfect spot to visit, no matter the weather.

The Rock Pool, Newcastle (N.Ireland)

Enjoying a quick dip is easy in the North Irish seaside town of Newcastle. This lido has some seriously impressive views as well. The rock Pool was opened in 1933 and now remains as one of the last outdoor pools on the island, Look up and you’ll see the impressive Mourne Mountains; glance the other way and you’ll be treated to the coast of Country Down. Pools are set to open on 7th August, so you can prepare yourself for splash and swim in the late summer.

Brockwell Lido, London (England)

Even non-swimmers can enjoy this lido in London. Hidden in Brockwell Park, this 1930’s outdoor pool has seen a multi-million-pound restoration, preserving its historic art deco setting. Not only can you enjoy a few laps of the pool, but the lido is also home to a great health and fitness facility , offering yoga and dance classes throughout the year. This summer, you can also see your favourite movies in the outdoor cinema nights around the pool. Who needs to visit a movie theatre when you have a lido?

Blackpill Lido, Swansea (Wales)

Entertaining the little ones can be difficult sometimes, but the Blackpill Lido in Swansea is the perfect adventuros day out. You’ll not be doing lengths in this outdoor pool. Instead, you’ll find shallow waters that are great padding. Tall fountains also make it fun to dodge the failing water. The lido is complete with picnic areas and surrounded by cafes, so you can always take a break for some lunch or ice cream. It’s right next to Swansea promenade too, so there are more fun-filled activates to enjoy while you visit.

Don’t worry about missing out on a fun swim this summer, because the UK still offers a range of lidos for us to enjoy your staycation. Even then, if the sun doesn’t make an appearance, just remember to take a clear umbrella that will help you see the sights in any weather, and kid umbrellas to protect the children from any holiday drizzles.

Tennis Star’s Social Media Influence | Blog | Fulton Umbrellas

Wimbledon is back again, ready to serve up some much-needed tennis enjoyment. But perhaps you’ve noticed a change this year. Has it been the smaller crowd of spectators, or maybe an increased unwillingness to share our strawberries and cream?

There are also fewer recognisable tennis stars to applaud, Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka have dropped out the Tennis Championships, citing the need for further recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. However, we can still cheer on Scottish racket star Andy Murray as he continues his triumphant return to the courts.

There’s a lot to play for. In fact, players will vie for their share of £35 million in prize money. Winners of the singles event will take home a whopping £1.7 million. It’s not an awful pay packet for 14 days of work.

But is there more earning potential on the social side of tennis? It’s fair to say that our favourite tennis players have become more than sports stars, instead becoming A-lists celebs with lifestyles we enjoy following on social media. Their large fanbases have allowed them to surmount millions of followers and huge brand and advertising deals. But how can their Instagram earning potential compare to their winning on the court?

Game, set, match, and snap

We’ve collected new data that reveals the social media earning potentials of the world’s best tennis players. Using this data, we can calculate how many sponsored Instagram posts they would need to publish to earn the equivalent of their winnings so far in the 2021 season.

We’ve compiled data on the top 20 tennis stars, based on their international ranking, for both male and female categories. By calculating their social earning potential, we’ve compared their influence and their earnings this year so far. This will indicate which tennis stars could pose their way to the top, as opposed to swinging the racket. Surprisingly, for some of our tennis favourites,  hitting balls doesn’t pay the bills as well as the likes on Instagram do.

Number one for what?

Despite both having been world number one holders, Roger Federer and Serna Williams now place eighth in the respective leagues, This is still an impressive feat, especially after their long and history-making careers.

Williams is regarded as being one of the greatest tennis players of all time. On the sixth occasion that she held the ranked number one, she held the title for 186 consecutive weeks. The tied with a record set by Steffi Grant, Williams also holds the record number of 23 Grand Slam singles wins in the open era, more than any other player.

Meanwhile, Roger Federer holds an impressive record sheet. Not only has he won Wimbledon more times than any other player, he has won the man’s singles titles, tied with another tennis legend, Rafael Nadal,

Why are we shining a spotlight on Williams and Federer? Well, thanks to their social media earning potential, they may have been better off posting some pictures than competing in 2021.

Williams has earned £589,598 prize money in 2021 so far. But, as she can earn up to £31, 083 per sponsored Instagram post, she can earn this in a mere 19 photos.

Federer, on the other hand, could earn £19,450 per Instagram post. He needed to have only published 11 paid Instagram post to exceed this £204,541 earning this year so far.

It seems that on- and off-court, William and Federer are still dominating the world.

Current world number ones, Novak Djokovic and Ashely Barty, while having a successful year on the court, may want to keep swinging. Barty has won £866,689 so far this year, meaning she would have to snap 1,105 pictures on Instagram to match her earnings.

However, Djokovic has an easier job, needing only 155 pictures to match his £2,977,657 pay from 2021.

Missing out?

As mentioned, Rafael Nada and Naomi Osaka are set to miss both Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics due to their concerns with coronavirus. As world number three and two in their respective leagues, they risk dropping in the rankings. But they also risk surrendering their share of the prize money.

Wimbledon’s £1.7 million prize for both singles categories is a huge amount- enough to justify hitting the courts. But Nadal and Osaka may find more luck in serving pictures than small green balls.

Osaka can earn £5,286 per Instagram post and Nadal could earn a whopping £25,256 per post. The means the pair would only need to post 322 times and 68 times respectively to match the winner’s prize.

It seems that missing out the odd tournament may not be such a bad idea if it gives these tennis stars more time to snap some pictures.

Of course, they shouldn’t retire the rackets just yet, Over their careers, Osaka has earned grand total of £14,308, 024 and Nadal has earned £89,954,780. You’d have to have a very busy Instagram feed to match huge cash pots.

Will you be watching Wimbledon this year? Our only choice may be watching from home, but at least between the matches, we can check out our favourite tennis stars on Instagram. Remember when you drop some likes on their social feeds that you’re helping to continue to that grand slam win beyond the court.

if you’re watching Wimbledon from an outdoor space, make sure you’re prepared with a designer umbrella, windproof umbrella or men’s umbrellas and women’s umbrellas to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Which City Picked Picnics? | Blog | Fulton Umbrella

Enjoying the Outdoors : Which City Picked Picnics?

A new study from Fulton Umbrellas has revealed the UK city that us most likely to research for picnics and other outdoor activities.

Which summer approaching  and the regained freedom to meet our friends and families outdoors, we’ve reviewed the UK’s Google searches to reveal the cities that are most likely to pick up a tartan blanket and straw basket and take to the parks and gardens to enjoy a picnic or other outdoor activity.

The study analysed 114 research terms that related to picnics and outdoor activities, including ‘picnic sites’, ‘disposable  BBQs’. ‘ park near me’, and ‘picnic in the rain’. Comparing the number of times these terms have been searched in the 20 most populated cities in the UK, the results were broken down by each respective city’s population. The data revealed which location are ready for some al fresco lunch and where people may prefer to stay at home.

Newcastle upon Tyne is the city most likely to enjoy a picnic. People in Newcastle searches for picnic-related terms 564 times for every 100,000 people in the North East city. This is 34 per cent above the national average.

Meanwhile, London was less enthused by picnic and outdoor activities, For every 100,000 people in London, picnic-related terms were searched only 269 times. This is 36 per cent below national average

The data also reveals which city has had the biggest growing enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Measuring the growth of searches in each city between 2020 and 2021, we can see the cities that have a newfound appreciation for picnics and al fresco dining.

Liverpool had the most amount of growth in picnic-related searches. Between 2020 and 2021, their researches increased by 295 per cent.

No city reduced their searches for picnic-related terms, in no doubt because meeting outdoors has become one of the best and only ways  to enjoy each other’s company during the pandemic. However, people in Glasgow showed the least amount of growth in searches, increasing their picnic-related searches by only 43 per cent.

Will you be going to the local park for a picnic? It’s important that you go prepared with all the essential equipment, such as a picnic blanket and camping chair.

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your outdoor party or gathering – prepared with a range of luxury umbrellas, perfect for anyone in the family. Take the kids out for a garden party with kids umbrellas and let Dad shelter under his favourite golf umbrella. You’ll be ready to brave any storm and keep the picnic going with a great windproof umbrella. No matter the weather, your picnic can still go ahead.

Pairing Films to the Weather | Fulton Blog | Fulton Umbrellas

Matchmaking Movies: Pairing Our Favourite Movies to the Weather

Come rain or shine, there’s nothing like movie night. But the great debate around which movie we intend to watch can push us to high anxiety – the opposite of what a relaxing night in should be. What do you fancy? A superhero film? Fantasy? Romance? Cue the ensuing arguments.

You could choose a film by rolling a dice or pulling names out of a hat. But there is one method that may help choose the best film to watch – the weather.

The weather can make us feel all kinds of ways. The cold makes us cosy up while a sunny day can make us feel active and excited. The wind brings an air of mystery, and the rain makes us feel like the sofa is the safest space in the world. How does the weather make you feel? And what movies best fit that mood?

Here we explore some of the best films to pair with the weather, their umbrella influences, and why movie night is an activity for all seasons.

Snowy scenes: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

A spot of snow doesn’t mean you have to watch a festive movie on the TV. Instead, the snow may give you some magical inspiration. We recommend watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as your frozen film.

Fall in love with the first entry into the wizarding series, meeting Hedwig the snowy owl along the way. Snuggle up under a blanket (invisibility optional) and take heed of Hagrid’s magic umbrella to start a cosy fire to stay warm – or just pop the heating on. If the snow hasn’t stopped by the end of the movie, that’s okay. You’ve got seven more films to get through while the snow thaws.

Windy weather: Mary Poppins

If you’re experiencing gusts of winds in the east, you may want to switch on Mary Poppins to wait out the wild weather. Mary Poppins rides the breeze on her parrot-headed umbrella to help the Banks children in this classic Disney musical.

The wind represents a force for change in the film, allowing Mary Poppins to leave a happy family in her wake. You’ll feel reinvigorated with this film which teaches us not to take the world so seriously. After the film, you’ll no longer want to shelter from the wind. You’ll be quick to go fly a kite – just make sure you take a windproof umbrella with you. Otherwise, you may find your feet lifting off the ground.

Sunny days: Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Summer weather is all about fun, excitement, and high adrenaline activity. For your movie night, you need something that can live up to all those expectations. We recommend Kingsmen: The Secret Service, an action spy comedy feature that hits all the right sunny notes.

You may get inspiration from the suave league of private intelligence spies. Their sharp suits and gadget-filled umbrellas are a fun contrast to their active combat and witty humour. On a warm night after a sunny day, there’s nothing better than setting up a projector onto the garden wall and watching an exciting film.

Thunderous feature: Batman Returns

The ghoulish setting of Gotham City makes Batman Returns the perfect movie for nights filled with thunder and lightning. It’s certainly Danny DeVito’s characterisation of the Penguin which creates a fantastic horror style. Complete with a unique umbrella design, you’ll be hypnotised by the lucid style of this film.

You can get your hands on your own designer umbrella which will captivate anyone that sees you walking down the street, though there’s no doubt that you’d look more welcoming than this stout villain.

Predictable precipitation: Singin’ in the Rain

When it comes to the rain, our choice of film is limited by nostalgia and clichéd pickings. Can you watch anything other than Singin’ in the Rain when it’s chucking it down? The classical American musical is appropriate for the weather in the obvious ways. But it’s Gene Kelly’s electric dancing that makes us want to embrace every puddle and let a torrential storm soak through our clothes.

Take your pick of luxury umbrellas to skip your way through the rain and enjoy this pop culture classic. You’ll have a glorious feeling by the time the credits roll.

Whatever the weather, there’ll be a movie to match your mood. Choosing a film based on the nature of the outside world will only add to the experience. Pick one that makes you feel like the characters in your favourite film. Just add an umbrella to the mix and you can act along to the best scenes.

Embracing Rain on a UK Staycation | Blog | Fulton Umbrellas

A Guide to Embracing Rain on a UK Staycation

Weather in the UK is famously unpredictable. When it comes to the seasons, the rules just don’t apply. It’s not surprising to see snow in June or experience T-shirt weather in December. Sometimes those days will catch us off guard and hinder our best-laid plans.

Now, with varying roadmaps to exit lockdown for all four nations of the UK, and a successful vaccine drive pushing the country towards greater freedom, there is optimism that staycations will be allowed to go ahead during the summer.

However, the choice of a UK summer holiday is vastly different from the experience of going abroad. While we can expect heatwaves and gloriously sunny days, we must brace ourselves for a rain check.

Having a back-up plan for those rainy days on a UK staycation is essential for keeping your holiday on track. But thinking of what to do when the weather keeps us in our own lockdown can be difficult.

Here, we take a look at the best ways to have the weather on your side during your holiday, come rain or shine.

Sit back and relax

After the year we’ve had, we shouldn’t take a little bit of relaxation for granted. While we’d love to do this on a sunny deck chair, there’s always the chance that the rain will keep us in. Make sure that you’re prepared to stay indoors while using the rain as a tool for relaxation.

The rain has a regular and predictable pattern. This means that it can help our brain relax while processing the calming sound. Take advantage of these moments to sit back and enjoy your time. When it rains you can:

– Read a book
– Do some yoga
– Write a postcard
– Create some art
– Have a massage
– Sleep

Use the sound of the rain as a tool for meditation when you’re on your staycation. It can help you feel relaxed and make you appreciate the quiet moments a little more. After all, what do you go on holiday for if not to relieve our stresses?

Embrace the storm

Staying in when it rains can be relaxing but embracing the weather can be just as enjoyable. Rain only gets in the way when we don’t expect it. Preparing for a rainy day means that you can plan an exciting activity that utilises the wet weather.

For families, playing in the rain can be an exciting and unusual activity. Although it can be messy, you’ll make amazing memories during your staycation.

Children can use containers to measure the rain and see how quickly they can collect a cup of water. Sending paper boats down flowing bodies of water can lead to exciting and high-stake races. Even stomping, jumping, and running through puddles can be a welcome and fun break for any child. Make sure that you’re prepared with a kids umbrella while they enjoy the wild weather. Embracing the elements is very important after a year of lockdown and staying indoors.

Grin and bear it

It’s great to feel the sun on your skin, but good weather is never promised on a UK staycation. Sometimes we just have to endure the cold and enjoy the time while we can.

You can still do many of the same activities you planned to do on your staycation in the rain. Fancy going on a hike? Just make sure that you’re well wrapped up and that you take a quality windproof umbrella to fight the gusts and rain. The world is transformed when it rains, and it should be seen. Climb to the top of a wet and slippery hill and enjoy the views of rainbows and a town under a deluge from the sky.

Even botanical gardens look better in the rain. See rain hit flowers while taking shelter under a tree for a picnic. Visit local attractions and see the true nature of a UK village, town, or city. This country was built in the rain, so it’s important to remember that you’re getting the full cultural experience during your staycation.

Any type of holiday will be enjoyable after enduring the past year, so a spot of rain on your staycation is unlikely to ruin your plans to have a relaxing break. Making sure that you’re well prepared with warm coats, good plans, and quality umbrellas is the best that we can do to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

How Does the Weather and Climate Affect Mental Health?

Although winter doesn’t officially end until 20th March, as the days pass, we edge closer and closer to the end of the coldest months. Soon, warmer days will be upon us, where we will likely feel happier and have more energy.

Have you ever thought about how the weather can affect your mental health?

The rain

Unless you love feeling cosy on rainy days and curling up with a book by the fire, rainy days can get us down. If it’s cold and dreary, the dark and heavy clouds can limit sunlight getting to us, which can impact our mood when it happens for a consistent amount of time. Interestingly, research has found that around nine per cent of people are “rain haters”. While some of us may feel slightly down and tired when it rains, rain haters feel anger with more rainfall. Another study also reported that we take to Facebook to complain with negative posts!

The reason why we feel lethargic during cold and dark weather is because when we’re exposed to less sunlight, our bodies produce more melatonin which makes us tired. A lack of vitamin D from less sunlight exposure can also give us the blues, which when more serious is seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – also known as winter depression. So, while you might want to wrap up in a blanket and indulge in comfort food or nap, there is a scientific reason why you want to do nothing.

Symptoms of SAD include:
– Depression
– Feeling lethargic
– A weakened immune system
– Low motivation
– Lack of interest in activities that you once enjoyed
– Oversleeping and struggling to stay awake
– Overeating (particularly comfort food like carbohydrates)
– Feeling anxious
– Withdrawing from social situations
– Feeling in a persistent low mood

The sun

In the same way, vitamin D from sunlight exposure regulates our mood and can help in fighting depression and illnesses. There’s a reason why vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin – sunlight stimulates our brain to produce this important nutrient. Serotonin is also released which boosts our mood and makes us feel good.

The circadian rhythm is affected by sunlight, which is essentially our body clock. Our sleep-wake cycle is a 24-hour cycle and is directly set by light, which lets our bodies know when it is light and dark – day and night – and when we should be awake or tired. In the winter, when there is significantly less light than summer, our brain thinks that we should be getting ready for bed and triggers the release of the ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin. So in the summer, when the days are lighter and longer, our brain doesn’t trigger the release of melatonin until later on, giving us more energy.

When it’s hot

When the weather is hot, we can be open to feeling irritable. Research has found that we can get angry or irritated when the weather is warmer as our stress hormones, such as cortisol, rise with the thermometers. If you find that the heat affects your mood, you can shelter under your golf umbrella so you can enjoy the sun without overheating.

When it’s cold

When the weather is cold, we might be more inclined to stay indoors and have less exposure to the sunlight. This can make us feel more lethargic from less vitamin D and serotonin than how we would normally feel.

It’s certainly encouraging to learn that we will have more energy in the summer after a difficult few months in lockdown in winter.

Socially Distant Christmas Party Games | Fulton Umbrellas

Socially Distant Party Games You Can Play This Christmas

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different. But that does not mean that traditions can’t go on, and a tradition in many families is party games. This year, with our Christmas bubbles, we can have some members of our extended family in our house, but we may still want to maintain a safe distance from them. So, we have solved this problem with our picks of party games you can still play while maintaining social distance this Christmas.

Who Am I?

This is a classic in many homes each Christmas, and it always brings laughs – especially when Grandma has to try and guess Kim Kardashian. People that are in a bubble together can be responsible for writing down the famous figure that needs to be guessed on a sticky note and then pass it to the player to put it on their head. People can be spread around the room because they do not need to be right next to each other, as long as everyone can see the names on the sticky notes. You might need to pass Dad his glasses so he can see though!

Umbrella Bounce

Umbrella Bounce is a simple game – you only need an umbrella and three tennis balls. The game works by having an open umbrella, (outside if you are superstitious), about 10 to 15 feet from where you are standing. Each person has three balls that they have to bounce into the umbrella. The person that has got the most balls in at the end wins. This can be done socially distant by disinfecting the balls after use or having different balls for each person. The kids could also have their own little tournament with their kids umbrellas.

Wink Murder

Many of you may have played this at school, and it is an old favourite. You start with all your players placed around the room, (or dinner table). One person is the detective, and one person is selected to be the murderer. The murderer then winks at each of the other players – if you’re winked at, that’s your cue to perform a dramatic death! The murderer must do this while avoiding being seen by the detective. It is then up to the detective to work out who the murderer is.

The game ends when either the detective has guessed correctly, or the murderer has killed all the other players. Extra points for award-winning deaths!

Simultaneous board games

If board games are what your family loves, you could still play them all together, but in a safe way. Have two sets of the same board game open and replicate the game on each board, but it means that each household can have their own equipment and they are not sharing with the other household.


For households that can’t be together, you can still play that old Christmas favourite, charades, with the help of technology. Compete against the other household or mix teams up and try to guess across video call. It will be like you are in the same room together and a good alternative that will help you keep up the Christmas tradition.

So, this Christmas may be very different to other years, but you can still keep the tradition of the family party games alive with our suggestions. Some may even become family favourites and will be played every year in the future.