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Fan-Favourite Umbrellas from Film & TV

Actors may have the starring role, but where would our leading men and women be without their supporting cast? Sometimes, that supporting cast comes in the form of fabulous accessories!

Umbrellas are often used on the silver screen to convey an emotion about a scene. Sometimes they are used to show reflection or change. Other times, they are used so two characters can have a private conversation.

In this blog, we will show you some of the scene-stealing umbrellas from your favourite TV shows and films, plus how you can recreate the look.

The Umbrella Academy

We’re excited to see that this superhero TV show has recently been renewed for a third season over on Netflix. It has our favourite word in its name, so it’s only fitting that the show features some sleek brollies.

Based on the graphic novel series by singer Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy features two iconic umbrellas. The first is the black hook-handled umbrella, which is favoured by Sir Reginald Hargreeves and what inspired the name for the eccentric gentleman’s superhero team. Step out in Sir Reginald’s dapper style with our Knightsbridge-1 umbrella!

The second umbrellas is twirled by fan-favourite Klaus Hargreeves. This pink birdcage umbrella can’t keep the spirits away from Number Four, but at least it kept the rain away in season one. Our Birdcage-1 Pink umbrella is a perfect match to Klaus’ brolly of choice.

Mary Poppins

No one can deny that Mary Poppins made umbrellas absolutely magical for generations of Disney fans. Many of us as children spent hours out in the rain with our little brollies, jumping up in a hope that we could learn to fly like everyone’s favourite nanny.

The best part? You can carry the nostalgic magic with you as a grown-up too! Get the Mary Poppins-style with this Soho-1 Navy umbrella. The colour matches Mary’s coat beautifully. (We are sorry but talking parrot handle is also not included with the umbrella. We will leave that part to your imagination!)

James Bond

Ever wanted to walk down the street feeling like a secret agent? While we can’t get you a job at MI6, we can provide you with an umbrella that looks like a classic Bond gadget. The spike umbrella was seen in For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore playing Bond. The umbrella in the film was to be used by the enemy – when the umbrella is opened, spikes come out and the umbrella snaps shut on the person.

We don’t sell deadly umbrellas, but we do sell the aptly-named Magnum-1 Auto Black. With a wooden hook-handle and a gadget-worthy automatic opening, it’s sure to make you feel as suave as 007.

Moulin Rouge

Many girls have dreamt about Ewan McGregor serenading them. While we can’t provide Ewan, we can give you a similar umbrella to the one he is holding in the climax of the heart-warming Your Song scene in Moulin Rouge. His character, Christian, and the stunning Satine are not avoiding rain with this gorgeous umbrella, but are actually sheltering from a deluge of glitter and confetti. Recreate the romance with the similar Aerolite-1 Dark Red umbrella. If nothing else, it will help you avoid the rain while daydreaming about Mr McGregor at the bus stop.

There you have it! Your favourite brollies from the screen, matched and picked from our own collection of stunning umbrellas. Now you can add a subtle movie nod to your outfit – and look forward to feeling like a movie star next time it rains!

REVEALED: The Crown’s Most Impactful Moments

Since the popular series about the modern history of the British royal family began in 2016, it has been watched by 73 million households worldwide. The historic drama is now set to release its fourth season this year, but the three before it have created many memorable moments. Here at Fulton Umbrellas, we decided to compile a list of the most impactful moments across the seasons. We analysed the search terms for each of the main events and recorded the increase in searches on Google. We then measured the data two weeks pre- and post-release to gauge the impact of each moment.

Margaret wears the crown in season one

In season one, it was not the story of the Queen that captured everyone’s attention. It was her younger sister Margaret and her love life that people were interested in. Peter Townsend was a divorced captain that Margaret wanted to marry in 1953. However, as she was under the age of 25, she had to get permission from the Queen to marry him, who was in turn caught between her family and her Government as the prime minister at the time, Winston Churchill, said that it was unlikely that the cabinet would agree to the match. Townsend was then sent away to work in Belgium.

The couple was reunited in 1955 but were still denied marriage. At the time, Prime Minister Anthony Eden said that if Margaret married him, she would be stripped of her royal privileges and income. Then in October the same year, she made a statement that ended it all, confirming she would never marry him. Margaret did finally marry in 1960 to magazine photographer Antony Armstrong Jones.

Viewers were hooked, with many turning to Google to search for more information on the “Margaret and Townsend affair”. This search term soared by 1,483% in the 14 days after the season aired, showing the little sister stole the show.

Marburg Files revealed in season two

Season two’s most searched for scene came from a historical moment not many people know about. Indeed, the public did not know about it at time. The Marburg Papers were papers found that showed over 60 documents of correspondence between Edward VIII and Nazi high command. The entire volumes were only finally released in 1957. The episode in the season depicts the Queen’s first response to the documents, as Edward tries to re-enter the public life after his abdication in 1936. Searches for “Marburg Files” rose by 2,000%, which suggests that this was not a well-known thing and people wanted to know more.

Charles has his moment in season three

The most searched-for moment in season three was when Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales. This was important at the time, as the 20-year-old Charles was taken away from his studies at Cambridge University to spend some time in Wales and learn the Welsh language in the hope that this would ease tensions between Wales and England.

In the show, he becomes sympathetic to the idea Wales should be more independent and talks about Wales having a national identity in his investiture speech. In the series, the Queen is not pleased with this because he took a political stance, something royals should not do.

Searches for Charles’ speech in Wales went up 100% after the episode. This may be because people wanted to see the speech in real life was as revolutionary and emotional as the one in the show, or to simply read a translation of the Welsh speech.  It’s no surprise that this moment was so keenly searched for after the episode aired – it was not only a historic moment, but one that displayed a daring side to the future King. His words were not simply that of a royal family member doing the duty asked of him, but of a man going beyond that and standing among the Welsh people, seeking acceptance at a time when anti-English sentiment was strong in the country. Prince Charles did not just deliver a speech to the people. He delivered one in support of the people, making this as a momentous moment.

The upcoming season

Even though season four has not been released yet, it is already making an impact. The introduction of Princess Diana to the season has made search terms related to her rise. As the real woman made headlines in her own life, actress Emma Corrin has also made headlines for her uncanny resemblance to Diana, who she will be portraying in the show. Searches for the actress went up 200 per cent.

The iconic wedding dress Diana wore has been recreated for the series with The Crown’s costume designer, Amy Roberts, collaborating with the original designer, David Emanuel, to recreate the dress perfectly. Across the previous three seasons, Google searches for the most impactful moments in the series have increased on average by a minimum of 200%. We’re certain that internet interest for Princess Diana’s wedding dress will see a similar surge in the two weeks after season four airs.

We hope this blog has intrigued you to find out more about the different events in each season of The Crown. We are sure that the upcoming season four will bring more impactful moments, including Gillian Anderson’s depiction of Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War.

Impactful moments throughout the season

Season Searches Increased By
Season 1
Margaret and Townsend affair 1483%
Eden Prime Minister 639%
Great Smog 1952 1787%
Season 2
Marburg Files 2000%
Princess Margaret engagement 425%
Macmillan Prime Minister 503%
Season 3
Charles speech in Wales 100%
Princess Margaret US tour 100%
Princess Margaret divorce 339%


Stately Sustainability: Which Royals are Going Green?

Sustainability has never been so urgent. Brands, celebrities, and the general public are all beginning to turn towards sustainable options, championing everything from eco-friendly fashion to conscious travel brands. The royal family is no exception to this movement, and many of Britain’s royals have been seen to make big steps towards a greener way of living.

From nifty electric cars to eco-activism and sustainable wardrobes, let’s find out which of our royals are paving the way and think about how we can emulate their efforts in our own lives.

The Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton is famed for always looking classy and fashionable. In the words of one Guardian fashion editor, “her clothes show respect, bring an emotional warmth that strengthens historic and strategic bonds, and send a positive message about the country and family she represents.” Ever since marrying into the royal family, she has presented herself with true grace, and now she is using her coveted wardrobe to champion sustainable fashion brands.

Kate’s high-end designer choices always favour the sustainable, and she is often seen looking fabulous in Alexander McQueen and Temperley London garments. However, she has also been seen wearing lesser-known sustainable brands such as Faithful and Beulah. The latter of the two is a brand that sets out to fight modern slavery and empower vulnerable women.

Not only does Kate Middleton use her influence to champion sustainable brands, but she also doesn’t shy away from revisiting her wardrobe and re-wearing garments that she has already been seen in. This may seem normal to most of us, but for a royal, outfit repeating is a powerful statement!

Considering the fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter after the oil industry, boosting the popularity of sustainable fashion could not be more important. The Duchess of Cambridge’s choices encourage the rest of us to choose investment pieces over fast fashion, whether that be reducing our plastic waste by investing in a luxury umbrellas, re-styling an old dress rather than buying one new, or shopping at pioneering sustainable brands.

The Price of Wales
Over the years, Prince Charles has regularly been involved with community initiatives and scientific bodies as well as developing his own sustainability projects. Each of his projects has focussed on remedying environmental damage and finding sustainable ways to save the plant’s natural resources. His projects include the Prince’s Rainforest Project, Accounting for Sustainability, the International Sustainability Unit, and Project Start. On top of this, Price Charles has been involved with planning homes in communities with an environmental focus, while updating his own homes and cars to make sure that they are more eco-friendly (such as the solar panels installed in Clarence House)

Prince Charles was also the first member of the royal family to opt for an electric car, a Jaguar I-PACE to be precise. Not only did this purchase make his journeys much greener, but it set a precedent both for the general public and the other royals. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex soon followed his lead in 2019!

Queen Elizabeth II
Each member of the royal family seems to have chosen their own area of sustainability to champion. For Queen Elizabeth, that area is forests. After the launch of the Queens Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) in 2015, all 53 countries in the Commonwealth family have united together in a pledge to help save some of the plant’s most precious natural habitats.

The result was the launch of a network of forest conservation projects, helping to conserve indigenous forests for generations to come. The QCC prioritises five key objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the value of indigenous forests
  • To create a chain of forest conservation projects that unite commonwealth countries
  • To demonstrate the Commonwealth’s capacity to promote change in our forests
  • To facilitate knowledge about what the best strategy is to achieve forest conservation
  • To create a lasting legacy of the Queen’s leadership of the Commonwealth

In recent news, it was announced that Bermuda has now joined the QCC. As of March 2020, Bermuda chose to contribute towards the incredible biodiversity that the Walsingham Nature Reserve QCC project strives to accomplish.

From involvement in charities to eco-tourism, it’s clear that sustainability is more important to the royal family than ever before. With more and more high-profile, influential people putting the wellbeing of our planet at the top of their priorities, the future looks brighter and far more sustainable!

Breathing a New Lease of Life into Our Brollies | Fulton Umbrellas

Breathing a New Lease of Life into Our Brollies
Concerns of the environment are trickling down into virtually everything. At the moment, there’s a growing emphasis being placed on tackling the ‘throwaway culture’ in the UK with the 5 Rs; refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. Every gesture helps when it comes to combatting climate change, whether customers choose to buy longer lasting products or simply make a habit out of upcycling goods that are of no use anymore, we could all make a huge difference. Here, we’ll look at some clever tips for you to upcycle your umbrellas into new household products.

Flower Vase
Perhaps you bought a new windproof umbrellas, replacing your old and battered brolly — you don’t want to just put it in the bin and contribute to the growing waste in our landfills, so what can you do instead?

You can turn your brolly into a quirky flower vase wall decoration. Everyone loves flowers, so you could give this as a thoughtful, homemade gift to your loved ones, or use it to make cheap bespoke decorations for your own home. Simply wrap a pretty ribbon at the point of the umbrellas to keep the fabric held tight, placing your favourite flower arrangement inside — if your umbrella has a hooked handle, you could use this to hang as a fixture on the wall.

Party banners
Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, baby gender reveal, graduation party, or baby shower, this nifty little trick will save pointless amounts of money on party decoration when you could be DIY’ing! Craft your own banners or streamers from the fabric of your umbrella to hang up around your home or the venue you’re partying at. These will add a unique touch to your parties as the banners won’t be like generic decorations from the store. They’ll also be a great backdrop for some fun mid-partying snaps!

A unique skirt
Umbrellas come in unlimited styles, colours, and patterns, and can be a great fashion accessory in the sun and rain if you have one that matches your style. But what if you could wear your beloved umbrella pattern in a new way? You might be wanting to switch things up or your umbrella has just broken, but luckily for you, you don’t need to be a sewing master to rock this look. Particularly useful if you have a pretty patterned ladies umbrellas, simply remove the canopy of the umbrella from the frame, add a belt and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind skirt that nobody else will have!

Scrapbook material
If you’re an avid arts and crafts fanatic and are looking for new material to use in your scrapbooks or photo albums, create swatches and shapes from your broken umbrella material to add a touch of individuality to your memories!

So, what upcycle idea will you use? Umbrellas are a lot more versatile then you might realise…

Raising ADHD Awareness with the Umbrella project | Fulton Umbrellas

Statistics show that in the UK, around two to five per cent of school-aged children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with 60 per cent of those continuing to display symptoms into their adult life. Symptoms include not being able to control their responses, including paying attention, siting still, and their speech. However, studies have suggested that not enough children are receiving treatment for ADHD, with many children being undertreated.

This raises the issue that maybe not enough of us are aware of ADHD and its symptoms. Many of us are unable to identify the condition and don’t know how to accommodate those with ADHD’s needs to help them excel, with children struggling in school, and as a result, underperforming. It can be very frustrating and overwhelming for a child to feel excluded or not understood, mislabelled as troublemakers or being undisciplined. Click her for more information on understanding ADHD.

To tackle this issue and the stigma and discrimination around ADHD, the Umbrella Project is a neurodiversity charity that celebrates the gifts, talents, and employability of those with neurological conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia. Have you ever noticed unique shapes such as birdcage umbrellas hanging up and you’ve been unsure why? The Umbrella Project is a movement that is becoming more and more popular around the world each year to help people understand individuals who are neurodiverse. World leading companies like Apple, Microsoft, and IBM actively recruit neurodiverse employees because of their fantastic abilities to innovate, solve creative problems, and analyse information. The Umbrellas Project earned its name because ADHD and autism are ‘umbrella terms’ for a range of neurological differences that challenge the stigma of these disabilities, which are often invisible.

To help the rest of the world become aware of their capabilities, beautiful and colourful rainbow displays of umbrellas are designed and installed on public streets and spaces such as Heathrow Airport and Liverpool city centre. A recent campaign invited schools across the world to have their own display suspended from classroom ceilings so children can understand the unique talents among their peers. It also raises money for the charity — 2018 was so successful that it attracted over 30 million media hits and installations in Dubai, Spain, Argentina, the U.S, Romania, and Czech Republic.

Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

Businesses can get involved and sponsor an umbrella for £250. Each umbrella is signed and decorated by a neurodiverse child who writes what their ‘superpower’ is on the brolly, whether it’s a talent, gift, or ability, to celebrate their cognitive differences.

This challenges the myths and stereotypes that people may have about children with these disabilities and helps to recognise their contribution to our society and lives.

Scorpio & Cancer Zodiac Signs are Next to Rule the World

While it’s difficult to estimate how many of us believe in astrology, research suggests that 90% of adults know what their zodiac sign is. For many of us, astrology brings great comfort to us as we try to understand the uncertainty and chaos in the world with a greater understanding of celestial navigation. Whether you’re trying to suss whether yours and your partner’s star signs are compatible or if they explain the conflict you’ve been experiencing, some believe that they can provide insight into our natures and personalities.

It isn’t just our own zodiac signs that interest us—have you ever wondered the secret to Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s enduring love story? Or was there celestial influence over Princess Diana becoming the ‘People’s Princess’?

Here, we’ll look at the star signs of current monarchs to find out if there is a dominant “ruling” zodiac. Then, we’ll look to the future with different countries’ hereditary ‘next-in-lines’ to discover which star sign is most popular and least popular when destined to don the crown. After all, the answers could lie in the stars.

Current stars of the world

We looked at the birthdays of the 29 current ruling monarchs across the world, from Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and Commonwealth realms to King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain, to explore which star sign is currently the most common among our ruling kings and queens. Aries, Taurus, Leo, Pisces, and Aquarius were the most popular, with 70% having these zodiac signs.

Country Ruler Birthday Age Gender Zodiac sign
Denmark Queen Margrethe II 16-Apr-40 80 Female Aries
Luxembourg Grand Duke Henri 16-Apr-55 65 Male Aries
Swaziland King Mswati III 19-Apr-68 58 Male Aries
Cambodia King Norodom Sihamoni 14-May-53 67 Male Aries
Belgium King Phillippe 14-Apr-60 60 Male Aries
England Queen Elizabeth II 21-Apr-26 94 Female Taurus
Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf 30-Apr-46 74 Male Taurus
Netherlands King Willem-Alexander 27-Apr-67 53 Male Taurus
Cambodia King Norodom Sihamoni 14-May-53 67 Male Taurus
Morocco King Mohammed VI 21-Aug-63 56 Male Leo
Thailand King Vajiralongkorn 28-Jul-52 67 Male Leo
Malaysia King Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin 30-Jul-59 60 Male Leo
France Co-Prince Archbishop Joan Enric Vives I Sicilla 24-Jul-49 70 Male Leo
Liechtenstein Prince Regeant Hans-Adam II 14-Feb-45 75 Male Aquarius
Spain King Felipe VI 30-Jan-68 52 Male Aquarius
Jordan King Abdullah II 30-Jan-62 58 Male Aquarius
Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa 28-Jan-50 70 Male Aquarius
Norway Harald V of Norway 21-Feb-37 83 Male Pisces
Monaco Sovereign Prince Albert II 14-Mar-58 62 Male Pisces
Bhutan King Jigme Khesar Namgyel 21-Feb-80 40 Male Pisces
Japan Emperor Naruhito 23-Feb-60 60 Male Pisces

The planets above the crowns

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries share his traits of courage, determination, confidence, and passion with a strong tendency for taking on leadership roles.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, sharing her traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism, and have a strong love of luxury and comfort. Queen Elizabeth II is known for her bold and fashionable power suits and matching ladies umbrellas—she is certainly a queen of luxury. Taurus’ are also said to be fiercely loyal, which is a characteristic used to describe Her Majesty. A Taurus tends to escape from reality when they’re emotional, which is something that the Queen doesn’t display in public.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and have great energy, courage, and honesty, considered a natural leader. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of ultra-progressive thinking, originality and advocate of change and reform. Finally, Neptune rules Pisces, who have traits of compassion, insight, and spiritual development.

Elements of current rulers

All zodiac signs are grouped in four groups of three based on their element; 23% had air signs with Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini; 20% had earth signs with Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo; 16.6% had water signs with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; and 30% had fire signs with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. The fire element is the most popular among the ruling monarchs, who are fiery characters with a tendency for excitability and impulsivity. Fire and water were two of the most popular zodiac sign elements—fire signs are passionate and temperamental whereas water signs are intuitive, emotional, and very sensitive.

Modality of current rulers

Each of the four elements have a distinct quality of how they engage with the world, known as modalities, including Cardinal (30%), Fixed (40%), and Mutable (23%). Fixed was the most common modality sign, who are said to dig in and are able to hold steady to achieve their goals. It’s hard for these signs to change, which can give them a reputation for being set in their ways.

Heirs written in the stars

It would seem the stars have aligned new beginnings for the next generation of rulers. Here, we looked at 23 hereditary rulers. This is because some monarchy systems don’t run through hereditary succession and instead appoint the next King or Queen, so we won’t know their star signs until they are named as successors.

Looking at the heirs to the thrones across these nations, it was revealed that Scorpio and Cancer are the next zodiac signs to rule the world, with 34% of heirs born from October 23 to November 22 and June 21 to July 22.

Country Next in line Birthday Age Gender Zodiac sign
England Prince Charles 14-Nov-48 71 Male Scorpio
Sweden Crown Princess Victoria 14-Jul-77 42 Female Cancer
Liechtenstein Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein 11-Jun-68 52 Male Gemini
Denmark Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark 26-May-68 52 Male Gemini
Spain Leonor, Princess of Asturias 31-Oct-05 14 Female Scorpio
Netherlands Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria 07-Dec-03 16 Female Sagittarius
Norway Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway 20-Jul-73 46 Male Cancer
Brunei Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah 17-Feb-74 46 Male Aquarius
Morocco Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco 08-May-03 17 Male Taurus
Monaco Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco 10-Dec-14 5 Male Sagittarius
Jordan Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan 28-Jun-94 25 Male Cancer
Luxembourg Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg 11-Nov-81 38 Male Scorpio
Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud 31-Aug-85 35 Male Virgo
Belgium Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant 25-Oct-01 18 Female Scorpio
Thailand Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti 29-Apr-05 15 Male Taurus
Bahrain Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa 21-Oct-69 50 Male Libra
Bhutan Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck 05-Feb-16 4 Male Aquarius
Kuwait Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah 25-Jun-37 82 Male Cancer
Malaysia Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah 17-Sep-95 24 Male Virgo
Japan Fumihito, Prince Akishino 30-Nov-65 54 Male Sagittarius
Lesotho Prince Lerotholi Seeiso 18-Apr-07 13 Male Aries
Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani 03-Jun-80 40 Male Gemini
Tonga Tupoutoʻa ʻUlukalala 17-Sep-85 34 Male Virgo


Cancers are said to be emotional and deeply intuitive as well as sensitive to their environments and extremely protective of themselves—will this reflect in the way monarchies will be protective of their people in a mothering sense? Cancerians wear their heart on their sleeve and have a dislike of strangers and revealing their personal lives. Monarchies famously keep their private lives as shielded as possible, so we don’t expect to see a change in terms of sharing details about what is going on personally. Tabloids often guess goings on behind closed doors, but will this information be harder to come by with the next generation of royals?

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. Their incredible passion and power means that they often mistaken as a fire sign. Scorpio is actually a water sign along with Cancer, which was the most popular element in heirs’ zodiac signs. Water energy is ambitious and enticing—their assertive nature makes them natural born leaders. When Scorpios build trust with others, they are extremely empathetic and committed. However, on a bad day, a Scorpio is driven by a relentless need for control—if they’re controlled by their egos, they risk self-destruction.


Shutterstock, by Viacheslav Lopatin


Future modality upon the thrones

The most popular Modality across all heir zodiac signs is Mutable sign, who are flexible, adaptable, and restless for movement and change. Mutable signs can see life from many perspectives which makes them great communicators. With the most common Modality for current rulers being Fixed—who tend to be less flexible and more single-minded—will this shift to Mutable signal a time for even more progressive change and a shift in energy?

The Modality sign for Scorpio is Fixed, so it’s hard for Scorpio to change. This can give them a reputation for being inflexible. On the other hand, Cancer’s Modality is Cardinal, one of the oldest in the family who are assertive in their style of leadership, similar to Fixed. This isn’t surprising as heirs are born to rule.

The planets to come

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is said to give people with this zodiac an innate need to nurture, support, and protect—characteristics important in leaders. It’s possible that we might see more emotion from global monarchs with times and traditions changing more and more in the modern world. Meanwhile, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, which are associated with transformation.

Considering this, the number of kings and queens currently stands at 91% men and 9% female, which will increase to 17% women when heirs come into their throne—will more female monarchs be a goal these progressive characters will strive to achieve for in the future, signalling transformation and a step forward for monarchies? Will more countries follow Sweden, who in 1980 became the first monarchy to change succession rites so that the first-born child of the monarch is heir, regardless of gender?

The Queen Speaks with Her Purse

Being a princess might’ve been a dream of some of ours when we were children, but there are strict dress codes and fashion sacrifices that you must abide by. Our parents might’ve told us off for wearing too much makeup when we hit adolescence, but the rules for members of the British royal family have certain expectations to uphold — appearance being one of them.

The British royal family are famously more conservative when it comes to fashion compared to the monarchs of other European countries. Where you might see Queen Letizia of Spain in a tiered flapper-style strappy thigh-length revealing dress, an item of clothing would never be spotted on Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle at a formal or casual event. The Queen sets the tone due to her being the highest-ranking member of the family, as she has the power to set trends for the whole family to follow. Queen Victoria brought in tighter silhouettes and cinched waists so that her figure wasn’t lost in huge dresses, and Queen Elizabeth I made opulent fabrics and high neck ruffs popular. Queen Elizabeth II has a fashion sense that is a lot more modern than her predecessors, which is surprising considering she was born in 1926 and came into her crown in the 1950s.

Here, we’ll take a look at what fashion the Queen is fond of and some of the royal fashion trends she has inspired and why.

Neutral nails

Members of the royal family are encouraged to wear a particular shade of nail varnish that the Queen has worn since 1989 — Essie Ballet Slippers, a subtle nude pink colour that is sophisticated and elegant.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is often seen sporting bare, neutral, or clear nails, however, has broken this rule many times, as has the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Princess Diana only obeyed this rule when she married into the royal family. When her marriage to Prince Charles ended, she was pictured with statement red nails.

Purses have a secret language

Purses and clutch bags are a part of the royal dress code. However, they aren’t just a statement piece to a fantastic outfit. The Queen’s infamous Launer handbags are used to send signals to her staff about tricky social interactions — if only we all had people to watch out for us when we need saving from that awkward encounter!

These signals can help the Queen to get out of any conversation. According to the Telegraph, when the Queen shifts her handbag from her left arm to her right, this means she wants to wrap the conversation up, if she places it on the floor she wants to be rescued immediately, or if it’s on the table at dinner she wants the event to end in five minutes.

Purses can also be held by both hands to keep them occupied if royal family members don’t want to shake hands.

Colourful umbrellas are a royal’s best friend

If you hadn’t noticed that the Queen is fond of power dressing in a clean and bright rainbow of coloured suits, you’ll certainly pick up on it now! The Queen is always spotted out in vibrant eye-catching shades that not only make her look fabulous but make it easy for eager members of the public to spot her after waiting outside behind barriers for hours — Queen Elizabeth was reported saying “no one would know who I am” if she wore beige.


Source: Shutterstock, by Shaun Jeffers

As her royal duties come with long days out greeting people, the Queen has adopted the saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. As well as an impressive rainbow collection of outfits, the monarch has a just as impressive armoury of over a hundred colour coordinated umbrellas. Created by Fulton Umbrellas, who have earned a Royal Warrant from 2008, Queen Elizabeth got her stylish birdcage umbrellas after the request of the Queen Mother. The birdcage style is a clear dome with a sophisticated stripe of colour around the bottom. This allows the Queen to see out of it and people to see in while matching her colour co-ordinated fashion statement.

We best get looking for designer umbrellas if we ever hope to meet the Queen’s commitment to fashion.

We expect to see the royal dress code to shift when Prince William comes into the throne, with Kate Middleton being a style icon many of us look up to. Maybe red nails and exposed shoulders will be in?

The Biggest Royal Influences: Which Country is the Most Devoted?

Royal families all over the world are renowned for their luxurious lifestyle, fashionable clothing, and the history behind their regal status. Not only do they play an integral part in traditional cultures, they have proven to influence the fashion choices of entire nations. For centuries, clothing styles modelled by royal figures have been iconic, gaining the royal appraisal many strive to achieve through their outfit choices and styles.

With this said, just how much of an influence has royal attire effected the fashion choices of nations all across the globe? Here with Fulton Umbrellas, retailer of ladies umbrellas, we discuss the five countries around the world that has been influenced by royal fashion.

1.    India

The prestige style that various royal families models in their everyday life has influenced more than just Britons. In fact, they have shaped the outfit choices of individuals all over the world — India being one of them. Research shows that over 1,300 people in India searched for ‘royal fashion’ related terms over the course of a year since May 2019, proving a popular dress choice for many. Since India has a royal family of their own, royal fashion appears to be an interest their nation shares.

As for India’s royal family, there have been many royal members throughout the decades that are renowned for their prestigious fashion choices. Dating back to the late 1920s, Maharani of Cooch Behar, Indira Devi, was pictured wearing a silk chiffon saree that used luxurious materials with a tailored touch of personalisation, this being the initial catalyst for this trend. Even decades before this, the Maharani family have been responsible for embracing a sense of modernity in their fashion attires that have led to many monumental movements in terms of the nation’s fashion preferences. In 1905, Maharani Rani Kanari of Kapurthala was regularly pictured wearing lavish head pieces and hats, all of which comprised a slight westernised twist to them. It was said at the time that for royal families such as the Maharanis, they were fans of westernised clothing, so much so they began including it as part of their everyday attire.

In recent years, it’s thought that royal fashion has been influenced by monarchies all around the globe, not just home countries. When Kate Middleton visited India, she wore a local designer dress out of respect to the host country and it caused an attention overdrive. The local designer’s website where she bought it from crashed due to the high volume of people wanting to purchase from them!

2.    The USA

After the British television programme Downton Abbey took US screens by storm in 2010, it’s fair to say that America’s interest in royal life is a popular thing to obsess over. The historical aura of royalty that reputable British fashions and fabrics entail is desired across the USA. The terms ‘royal style’ and ‘royal fashion’ were searched almost 1,300 times on the web by US citizens since May 2019, suggesting many turn to royals for advice on this matter.

In 2017, the Society of London Fashion Designers hosted a dress show in memory of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret that later on was repeated in places all across America including Washington, and many Canadian cities, proving royal dress attires dating back to the 60s are far from outdated.

In more recent news, Meghan Markle has become one of the most admired royal fashion influencers across the globe. The former Suits actress made her first appearance with Prince Harry at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto whereby she wore a simple white shirt and distressed light-blue jeans. This caused a surge in sales of these two casual wear clothing items. As for other royal fashion influences causing a stir in American fashion is the likes of Katie Middleton and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, whereby their tweed coats, long prestigious jackets, and adorable children’s clothing has led to many feeling inspired to take the same luxurious fashion tips on board.

3.    Germany

High-end fashion brands that strive in exceptional quality and expensive materials are, of course, popular amongst the royals. German fashion brands such as Hugo Boss have proved to be a trusted source of clothing for many of the royals’ clothing attire. Prince Harry for example was pictured wearing a coat from BOSS while attending a church service event in 2017. As for Meghan Markle, she was seen wearing a Hugo Boss leather skirt while on a trip to Sussex in 2018.

Data suggests that since May 2019, royal fashion related terms were searched over 1,050 times in Germany, suggesting that royal style is something German citizens admire. Perhaps it is due to their shared admiration of Hugo Boss, or their love for prestigious clothing must-haves. In 2019 while spending time in Germany on their royal tour, Kate Middleton was pictured wearing an array of fashionable outfits. During a visit to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, she modelled a blue Catherine Walker coat and dress with nude heels, followed by an off-shoulder maxi dress later in the trip for a party.

The royal trip could have been the inspiration behind high search volumes for royal fashion related terms — after all, figures such as Kate Middleton are renowned for their stylish clothing options.

4.    The Netherlands

Known for being one of the most significant fashion influencers in monarchy, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is adored for her iconic styles. Since May 2019, royal style related terms were searched over 740 times in the Netherlands, proving many citizens want to take on board a touch of royal fashion advise as part of their everyday looks.

Wearing formal work attire while working at home, the Dutch monarch modelled a colourful print blouse with vibrant red earrings, forming a smart and sophisticated work outfit. As for her bolder statement looks, in 2020 she was pictured wearing a green blouse, bright yellow trousers, and a multi-coloured jacket, showing she is not shy to express her colourful side through outfits. As for some of her signature casual looks, the nation adored her beige t-shirt with floral detailing and matching culottes ensemble when visiting the Silima Lombu Ecovillage in Tobalake.

Queen Maxima has proven time and time again to be of high interest to those seeking fashion advise, as high search volumes are derived from royal fashion related clothing in the Netherlands.

Clothing worn by the royals has been of great influence on nations across the world for centuries. From casual everyday looks to more formal events, it’s evident that royal families contribute greatly to these fashionable clothing ensembles.

Must-See Street Art Around the World | Fulton Umbrellas

Often, countries and cities have something different to help them stand out in the world, like the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sydney Opera House.

But what about totally unique and eye-catching street art that changes a whole aesthetic? Street art is great at breaking up the monotonous cement and brick landscape a lot od towns and cities have, and has been recognised by the British public as art opposed to graffiti, piquing our interest and putting a smile on our faces as we pass through. Art can take many forms and is delivered in many different settings – particularly when it’s free to view in public across the world!

Here, we’ll list the best street art in the world.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
In the Condado area of Puerto Rico is the colourful neighbourhood of San Juan. Fortaleza Street is decorated with a beautiful canopy of umbrellas, which has become a major attraction in the streets of Puerto Rico. As well as being a visual spectacle for passers-by to get mesmerised in, they also shelter the public from the hot rays from the sun and any rain that may start to fall from the skies.

Source: Shutterstock, by Polina LVT.

Other cities have joined in on brightening up their streets with coloured umbrellas of different shapes like golf umbrellas, including Barcelona’s Fiesta Major de Gracia, Portugal’s Umbrella Sky Project, Dubai’s Miracle Garden, Turkey’s Old Street, and the UK’s own Vinopolis Piazza near London Bridge. If you’re visiting any of these locations in the future, make sure to check them out!

Berlin, Germany
The Berlin Wall was once used as a barrier that divided and oppressed the people of East Berlin. Now, it is used as a symbol of freedom through artistic and creative independence. Berlin Wall has been graced with several iconic murals, such as Thierry Noir’s colourful cartoon heads, for something totally unique and original.

Source: Shutterstock, by Maridav

Understanding what the wall once stood for and what it is decorated with now is certainly a must see stretch of art.

Istanbul, Turkey
In 2013, a retired forestry engineer started his street art project by transforming a huge staircase from an eye-sore to a bright and colourful rainbow, injecting life into an unvisited, insignificant part of town. Not everyone was a fan, and in response, the government painted over it with a dull grey colour. This caused anger, with people viewing it as a lack of respect and an act of control over the public. This sparked the rainbow revolution!

In unity, other members of the public repainted the stairs with rainbow colours, as well as other staircases and walkways.

Source: Shutterstock, by blackboard1965

Naples, Italy
Naples has an abundance of stunning street art across the city, with detailed murals and portraits that you could swear were alive. Jorit Agoch is one of the most significant street artists in Naples which has raised this destination’s profile as a cultural hotspot.

Source: Unsplash, by Maria Bobrova.

Il Merola Park of Ponticelli, the Park of Murals, has four great portraits – check out the range of art and attractions to have a look at.

There’s some amazing street art around the world that you must see when on your travels. They’d be great spots to take some memorable pictures!

Iconic Gadgets in Films| Fulton Umbrellas

Iconic Gadgets in Films
With the popularity of online streaming services, it was only a matter of time before other franchises wanted to get involved with the change in how we’re viewing films and programs. Disney Plus launched in March this year, with film fanatics jumping at the chance to watch their favourite films for a few pounds a month – particularly exciting in lockdown. 50 million subscribers had signed up in five months, which was a great success for Disney.

To celebrate our favourite films becoming readily available, here, we’ll take a look at some of the most iconic gadgets in films.

Mary Poppins
A true film that is quintessentially British – Mary Poppins is based on P.L. Travers’ book series, which was adapted into a moving picture in 1964 and remade in 2018. The story follows a magical nanny who uses her iconic umbrella to help two neglected children get closer to their father.

The magic umbrella can be used as a parachute, allowing her to fly over London while knocking sense into her like an old friend giving advice! Like Mary Poppins guides the children, the umbrella is guiding her. Imagine how useful and stylish a flying designer umbrella would be…

Disney Plus subscribers say that they’re watching old classics, with 22 per cent watching Mary Poppins and The Lion King opposed to the newer films. Following the launch of Disney Plus, searches for Mary Poppins increased drastically in December to 100.

Safe to say the iconic umbrella truly makes it a classic for all of us.

Star Wars
In the Star Wars films series, the lightsabre is used by both the Jedi and the Sith. An elegant weapon powered by kyber crystals, these swords can cut through virtually everything while also deflecting blaster bolts. Lightsabres come in different colours that represent different meanings and origins – even if you haven’t seen any Star Wars films, you’re likely very aware of the signature weapon.

When manufacturing the lightsabre, you don’t choose the kyber crystals – the kyber crystals have to choose you. The Jedi or Sith bonds with the crystals, which change colour to match the nature of the person it chose, such as level of experience or Force sensitivity. Some colours are rarer than others, such as red, purple, and yellow. For a lightsabre to be red, the crystal has to be commanded through dark side corruption rather than bonding. Lightsabres can be healed, creating the rare white colour.

Looks like Star Wars has become more popular following the launch of Disney Plus, with searches increasing to 100 in December.

One of the most popular Disney films is Aladdin, originally released in 1992 and remade and rereleased in 2019. Aladdin relied on his magic carpet, aptly named carpet, throughout the film. Carpet is discovered by Aladdin and Abu in the Cave of Wonders when trying to find the Genie’s lamp, and is quickly adopted by Aladdin as his sidekick, helping save his life various times and helping Aladdin and Jasmine to fall in love while singing ‘A Whole New World’.

In Norse mythology, Thor’s hammer, known Mjölnir, is one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons created, with the ability to level mountains. In Marvel’s adaption, the hammer is an enchanted Warhammer forged by dwarves in the heart of dying star, which could only be wielded by someone who was worthy.

As Thor’s main weapon of choice, the iconic hammer has become a symbol in itself representing the hero. Featuring in the post-credits of Iron Man 2 lying in the sand for a few seconds, fans knew what the next major Marvel film would be featuring.

Some gadgets are so iconic, they’re like a character in their own right! What are your favourite film gadgets?