Her Majesty’s Iconic Accessories: Queen’s Hat, Handbag, Shoes & Umbrella

Everyone knows the right accessories can make an outfit — and nobody knows this better than Queen Elizabeth II. From head-to-toe, her majesty’s carefully chosen hats, handbags, shoes and umbrellas complete her perfectly polished look. Here, Fulton Umbrellas takes a look at her most iconic accessories in more detail.


Of course, because the British weather is ever-changing, the Queen is often spotted with umbrella in hand. She favours our clear, birdcage-style umbrellas, as they allow her to stay dry while still remaining visible to her public.

Each of the umbrellas we create for her majesty is completely bespoke. Ahead of an event, her Senior Dresser will send us a colour swatch of the outfit she’ll be wearing. We are then able to create an umbrella with a trim, handle and tip that perfectly matches her outfit, leaving nothing to chance.

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Another of the Queen’s most iconic accessories is her handbag. With its distinctive long-handled shape, her Royale and Traviata Launer handbags are her preferred style, as the longer handles make handshaking easier. It is reported that her majesty has some 200 Launer handbags — an impressive collection in anyone’s eyes!

Some reports have suggested that her handbag is more than just an accessory — it’s a way of communicating with her staff. For example, one Telegraph article suggests that if her majesty places her handbag on the table, she is ready to leave an event.

Of course, these secret signals are unconfirmed. What we do know is that the Queen’s Launer handbags will go down in history as one of the most iconic accessories.


Over the years, her majesty has donned a number of hats and is rarely seen without one. Her milliner of choice, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, creates bespoke hats with carefully considered measurements to allow for ease of getting into – and out – of vehicles.

Just like her umbrella is designed not to obscure her face, the Queen is very rarely seen in wide-brimmed hats, as these can make her difficult to see.


The Queen’s go-to shoe of choice is a pair of simple black shoes created by Anello & Davide with a 2.25-inch heel to ensure her comfort throughout every event she attends.

Although the shoes are specifically created for her feet, a member of staff will wear her shoes prior to an event to break them in. Reportedly, the staff member wears socks and only walks on carpet. However, the shoes are trialled outside once to ensure they have sufficient grip for her majesty.

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