Peaky Blinders – Will It End In a Storm? | Fulton Umbrellas

Peaky Blinder has amassed quite the following since its release in 2013. Now, almost a decade later, fans continue to watch the series with open hearts. We don’t know about you, but our team are sitting on the edge of our seats to see what will become of our beloved-protagonist Tommy.

Here at Fulton umbrellas, we are proud to be the official supplier of men’s and ladies’ umbrellas to BBC’s Peaky Blinders. It is also interesting to see fans speculate about how the weather is used throughout the television series. So buckle up, we’re going to explore some (spoiler-free) tantalising fan theories.

Exploring previous seasons

In recent weeks, devoted fans have been investigating the use of rain amid the sixth and final season of the television show. Pathetic fallacy, or ascribing human qualities to that which is non-human, is a common technique in television.  But has this been utilised throughout the series?

On Reddit, once user pointed out that the rain has appeared as far back as the second season. In episode two, after Michael’s friend Isaiah is racially profiled, brother Arthur and John set the Marquis of Lorne public house ablaze.

Rain is crashing down during the sequence, and Arthur even washes his bloody hands- or red right hand, according to the famous theme song- in the rainwater. If we are considering the use of pathetic fallacy, rain is used here to represent the transgression and vengeance in their arson.

The symbolic use of the weather doesn’t stop there. During the finale of season four, Laura Marling’s cover of ‘A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall’ plays over a montage of the Shelby family, where Tommy celebrate the baptism of his son and becomes the new Labour PM for Birmingham South, While the onscreen sunshine suggests a positive resolution, the music is anything but.

The song, which explores the poisoning and eventual death of a boy, is foreboding of Tommy’s future struggles. Fans will know what following seasons brought, after all. And if you haven’t seen it, we can tell you it definitely wasn’t all sunshine.

Considering the sixth season

The sixth season explores disturbing cultural shift before the second world war. So far, it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Almost a decade after the first episodes us to the Shelbys, fans are still taken aback by the actions and consequences that these character face.

Tommy, for example, hears of some heart-breaking news at the end of episode three. This is accompanied by a display of rain like no other, mirroring his current struggles and what is to come. Whether you’re a fan of Tommy Shelby or not, it will make you feel sympathy for the morally-grey protagonist.

If you ‘re not ready to say goodbye to the Shelby family, we have just the treat for you. This isn’t the end! A Peaky Blinder movie, which will continue the storyline from the end of this season, is set to begin filming in 2023. Do you think we see Tommy on the silver screen?

There you have it. The team at Fulton Umbrellas, who also provide umbrellas to The Crown, are eagerly awaiting the sixth episode. If the show ends in a storm, we know that the Shelby family will be ready.


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