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A Fright to Remember: How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

Halloween is the time for fancy dress, scary movies, and spooky parties. What could be better?

Hosting a Halloween-themed party is a fun way to spend All Hallow’s Eve with friends and family. If the party is at your house this year, there are lots of ways you can make your event a night to remember.

Take note! Here are five simple steps to hosting the ultimate Halloween party.

Dress up the food and drinks

Rise to the occasion and make some Halloween-themed food and drinks. The option are endless, but here are few ideas:

  • Little ghosts out of marshmallow or meringues
  • A chocolate slime tart
  • Served “toes” made from sausage and pastry
  • Cake pops shaped like classic Halloween creatures.
  • Monster pizza bites
  • Don’t forget about the punch too – make a huge batch and serve in a cauldron!

Party planning is a lot of work. If you don’t have time to cook a Halloween-themed menu, there are plenty of pre-made items you could get:

  • Eyeball-wrapped chocolate
  • Fairy buns with Halloween-themed rings
  • Pre-baked biscuits shaped like bats and cats

Decorate with a themes in mind 

Embrace the spooky season and make your own haunted house. Decorate your home with:

  • Skeletons
  • Ghosts
  • Pumpkin bunting
  • spider webs
  • skulls
  • bats and much more.

Sticking to a theme will give your party a polish and professional look that wouldn’t go amiss on the big screen.

Focus on the classics and go crazy with cobwebs, ghosts, bats, and jack-o’-lanterns. You can also pepper in some black cat cut-outs or ornaments. A few witch statues or hanging skeletons, ghosts and zombie motifs throughout your home. We’ve even seen people throw Halloween parties based on their favourite films- whether it’s a magical Harry Porter party or scary It-themed’ do.

Fright night

Boo! Jump out and scare your guests for a frightful Halloween. ‘ Tis this season… You could do this in a number of ways, from changing outfits and frightening your guests to enlisting your fellow party guests! For a few more scares, try revamping your Halloween -themed playlist with some spooky sounds.

Remix classic Halloween games

Entertain your guests and remix your favourite Halloween games. Many Halloween parties will get a Ouija board involved, and that’s classic All Hallow’s Eve activity. If that’s not really your thing, why not try a grown-up trick or treat? You could hide treats (think chocolate, boiled sweets, and maybe even some mini bottles of spirits) and a few tricks (like jelly, hard-boiled eggs, or spaghetti) around your home and get your guests to hunt for them. the person who finds the most treats wins!

For more frightful delights, get your guests to sit down with their eyes closed and pass around a box full of strange-feeling things. Tell them they’re handling brains, eyes and guts- it’s gruesome in the most fun way!

Take the party outside

Is that anything more quintessentially Halloween than the silver glow of the moon? Extending your decorations and party into your garden is essential. What’s more, you can give your guests some good old-fashioned jump scares with motion-activated decorations that will cackle or shout “Boo!” at them as they go by.

Don’t let the wind and rain ruin your outdoor party! Encourage your guests to warp warm and enjoy the haunting atmosphere. If you don’t have a canopy, hang up some windproof umbrellas to create a covered outdoor area. Bonus points if they’re in Halloween-y colours like orange, black, or purple.

Why stop there? Prepare your garden for outdoor parties all year round. Check out our top picks:

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. We finally have an excuse to indulge in our fancy-dress, favourite horror films, and guilty pleasure playlist. Follow our five step guide and treat your guests for a fright- we mean, night- to remember.




How to Perfect Your Brolly Style | Fulton umbrellas

As the early signs of autumn set in, we’re preparing ourselves for some wet weather ahead. After a summer of heatwaves, it may hard to start thinking about snuggly and warm clothing and lots of layers.

But there’s no need to worry; a little rain never hurt anybody! Plus, it gives us another excuse to fill our wardrobes with fantastic fall-season fashion.

If you’re heading out on a grey-sky day, there’s no reason to not look the part. So next time you leave the house, remember these brolly-pairing rules- because the fashion forecast says that it’s cloudy with a chance of style.

Patterns to pair

Your umbrella is the perfect accessory- and partnering it’s style with other accessories helps to establish themes across your outfits, This allows wardrobe essentials to take backseat and your smaller style choices do the talking.

Joules is the essential clothing brand of the British country lifestyle, and it’s umbrellas can be easily paired with other patterned accessories. It’s floral motifs and tartaned can be aligned with scarfs, bags, belts, and hats. Darker undertones on essential coats, jerseys, trousers and skirts will help embolden your overlayers.

Sophisticated showers

Men can radiate refinement even in the wettest of weather with designer umbrellas. Ted Baker is renowned for quintessential British sensibility. Matching these brollies with smart-causal wear can elevate outfit from puddles.

For umbrellas, geometric tiled patterns are in, characterising a steadfastness against the rain. Pair this patterns with relaxed tailoring that is set to dominate wardrobes this fall and winter. Oversized overcoats echo country living, layering on neutral tones. Providing that must-have snuggly layer, the humble fleece is set to be a uniquely formal addition to the season.

Brazen designs

Bold designs should not be shied away from when it comes to umbrellas, Designs can be worn to contrast your clothing. Easily drawing the eye, seasonal colours should be used to complement your outfits.

Print designs by William Morris have endured since the ninetieth century, and prints of his designs embolden umbrellas. Fauna and flora illustrations create a backdrop of your clothes, which you should aim to keep within muted block colours. Long wool coats further add to unifying Victoria motifs, combing classis fashion with modern distinction.

Be seen in the storm

Sometimes, it’s best to let your outfit do the talking, Sheltering under an umbrella is convenient to avoid the rain, but you shouldn’t feel enclosed, Transparent umbrellas are the perfect solution for staying dry but still allow for the light to shine on your clothing choices. Better yet, it can be worn with virtually any outfit, camouflaging itself to draw attention to the person holding the brolly rather than the brolly itself.

Clear umbrellas are used primarily on red carpets on rainy days. They are even favoured by the Queen on her visits around the world -it’s the best way for everyone to see her and her bold outfits that always do down a storm.

Whatever your outfit, you can find an umbrella to match. We shouldn’t let the weather rain on our fashion parade. Using this essential accessory to pair with outfits is the best way to always stay stylish. Fulton umbrellas is partnered with a range of fashion brands to produce the best designer umbrellas. Whether on the golf or a trip into town with friend on a wet day, be prepared to look the part with a golf umbrellas or pair outfits with luxury umbrellas. 

Enjoy Summer at the UK’s Best Lidos | Fulton Umbrellas

Enjoy Summer at the UK’s Best Lidos

Summer 2021 is going to look a lot different from usual. As restriction ease, many sun-seekers will not be jetting off on an international holiday this year. But don’t fret; with heatwaves, good times and an adventures spirit, there’s still so much we can enjoy in our own country.

Why do you normally go on holiday? Do you like discovering local history, enjoying new cultures, or cooling off in the pool? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of those three activities, then your staycation is going to get a lot better. We present to you the humble lidos. If you didn’t know, a lido is an open-aired swimming pool or bathing beach is open to the public. They’re an icon of the traditional beach holiday. And with staycations on the rise, they’re set to make a big splash in our summer plans. Join us as we explore five out of the UK’s best lidos and why your perfect summer vacations is just a lido away.

Saltdean Lido, Brighton (England)

When you think of lidos, you think of 1930s summer getaways. Well, after years of neglect, this 30’s icon reopened in 2018 for modern families to enjoy. The pool was once described by Historic England as “one of the seven wonders of English seaside, “emphasising its impressive art deco architecture. It’s not just a fun place to hang around; it’s a site of cultural and historical significance – everything you need from a good holiday location. You can even enjoy Brighton beach while you’re there.

The Gourock Pool, Gourock (Scotland)

If you’re looking for a fun adventure just out of Glasgow, then Gourock Pool is a popular choice for local Scots and visitors alike. It’s popularity is unsurprising, as the pool offers expansive views over the Clyde. Even better, the salt-water pool is heated. So even on days when you’re more likely to need a windproof umbrella than beach towel, you can still enjoy swimming in the warm water, It’s a perfect spot to visit, no matter the weather.

The Rock Pool, Newcastle (N.Ireland)

Enjoying a quick dip is easy in the North Irish seaside town of Newcastle. This lido has some seriously impressive views as well. The rock Pool was opened in 1933 and now remains as one of the last outdoor pools on the island, Look up and you’ll see the impressive Mourne Mountains; glance the other way and you’ll be treated to the coast of Country Down. Pools are set to open on 7th August, so you can prepare yourself for splash and swim in the late summer.

Brockwell Lido, London (England)

Even non-swimmers can enjoy this lido in London. Hidden in Brockwell Park, this 1930’s outdoor pool has seen a multi-million-pound restoration, preserving its historic art deco setting. Not only can you enjoy a few laps of the pool, but the lido is also home to a great health and fitness facility , offering yoga and dance classes throughout the year. This summer, you can also see your favourite movies in the outdoor cinema nights around the pool. Who needs to visit a movie theatre when you have a lido?

Blackpill Lido, Swansea (Wales)

Entertaining the little ones can be difficult sometimes, but the Blackpill Lido in Swansea is the perfect adventuros day out. You’ll not be doing lengths in this outdoor pool. Instead, you’ll find shallow waters that are great padding. Tall fountains also make it fun to dodge the failing water. The lido is complete with picnic areas and surrounded by cafes, so you can always take a break for some lunch or ice cream. It’s right next to Swansea promenade too, so there are more fun-filled activates to enjoy while you visit.

Don’t worry about missing out on a fun swim this summer, because the UK still offers a range of lidos for us to enjoy your staycation. Even then, if the sun doesn’t make an appearance, just remember to take a clear umbrella that will help you see the sights in any weather, and kid umbrellas to protect the children from any holiday drizzles.

Tennis Star’s Social Media Influence | Blog | Fulton Umbrellas

Wimbledon is back again, ready to serve up some much-needed tennis enjoyment. But perhaps you’ve noticed a change this year. Has it been the smaller crowd of spectators, or maybe an increased unwillingness to share our strawberries and cream?

There are also fewer recognisable tennis stars to applaud, Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka have dropped out the Tennis Championships, citing the need for further recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. However, we can still cheer on Scottish racket star Andy Murray as he continues his triumphant return to the courts.

There’s a lot to play for. In fact, players will vie for their share of £35 million in prize money. Winners of the singles event will take home a whopping £1.7 million. It’s not an awful pay packet for 14 days of work.

But is there more earning potential on the social side of tennis? It’s fair to say that our favourite tennis players have become more than sports stars, instead becoming A-lists celebs with lifestyles we enjoy following on social media. Their large fanbases have allowed them to surmount millions of followers and huge brand and advertising deals. But how can their Instagram earning potential compare to their winning on the court?

Game, set, match, and snap

We’ve collected new data that reveals the social media earning potentials of the world’s best tennis players. Using this data, we can calculate how many sponsored Instagram posts they would need to publish to earn the equivalent of their winnings so far in the 2021 season.

We’ve compiled data on the top 20 tennis stars, based on their international ranking, for both male and female categories. By calculating their social earning potential, we’ve compared their influence and their earnings this year so far. This will indicate which tennis stars could pose their way to the top, as opposed to swinging the racket. Surprisingly, for some of our tennis favourites,  hitting balls doesn’t pay the bills as well as the likes on Instagram do.

Number one for what?

Despite both having been world number one holders, Roger Federer and Serna Williams now place eighth in the respective leagues, This is still an impressive feat, especially after their long and history-making careers.

Williams is regarded as being one of the greatest tennis players of all time. On the sixth occasion that she held the ranked number one, she held the title for 186 consecutive weeks. The tied with a record set by Steffi Grant, Williams also holds the record number of 23 Grand Slam singles wins in the open era, more than any other player.

Meanwhile, Roger Federer holds an impressive record sheet. Not only has he won Wimbledon more times than any other player, he has won the man’s singles titles, tied with another tennis legend, Rafael Nadal,

Why are we shining a spotlight on Williams and Federer? Well, thanks to their social media earning potential, they may have been better off posting some pictures than competing in 2021.

Williams has earned £589,598 prize money in 2021 so far. But, as she can earn up to £31, 083 per sponsored Instagram post, she can earn this in a mere 19 photos.

Federer, on the other hand, could earn £19,450 per Instagram post. He needed to have only published 11 paid Instagram post to exceed this £204,541 earning this year so far.

It seems that on- and off-court, William and Federer are still dominating the world.

Current world number ones, Novak Djokovic and Ashely Barty, while having a successful year on the court, may want to keep swinging. Barty has won £866,689 so far this year, meaning she would have to snap 1,105 pictures on Instagram to match her earnings.

However, Djokovic has an easier job, needing only 155 pictures to match his £2,977,657 pay from 2021.

Missing out?

As mentioned, Rafael Nada and Naomi Osaka are set to miss both Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics due to their concerns with coronavirus. As world number three and two in their respective leagues, they risk dropping in the rankings. But they also risk surrendering their share of the prize money.

Wimbledon’s £1.7 million prize for both singles categories is a huge amount- enough to justify hitting the courts. But Nadal and Osaka may find more luck in serving pictures than small green balls.

Osaka can earn £5,286 per Instagram post and Nadal could earn a whopping £25,256 per post. The means the pair would only need to post 322 times and 68 times respectively to match the winner’s prize.

It seems that missing out the odd tournament may not be such a bad idea if it gives these tennis stars more time to snap some pictures.

Of course, they shouldn’t retire the rackets just yet, Over their careers, Osaka has earned grand total of £14,308, 024 and Nadal has earned £89,954,780. You’d have to have a very busy Instagram feed to match huge cash pots.

Will you be watching Wimbledon this year? Our only choice may be watching from home, but at least between the matches, we can check out our favourite tennis stars on Instagram. Remember when you drop some likes on their social feeds that you’re helping to continue to that grand slam win beyond the court.

if you’re watching Wimbledon from an outdoor space, make sure you’re prepared with a designer umbrella, windproof umbrella or men’s umbrellas and women’s umbrellas to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

Which City Picked Picnics? | Blog | Fulton Umbrella

Enjoying the Outdoors : Which City Picked Picnics?

A new study from Fulton Umbrellas has revealed the UK city that us most likely to research for picnics and other outdoor activities.

Which summer approaching  and the regained freedom to meet our friends and families outdoors, we’ve reviewed the UK’s Google searches to reveal the cities that are most likely to pick up a tartan blanket and straw basket and take to the parks and gardens to enjoy a picnic or other outdoor activity.

The study analysed 114 research terms that related to picnics and outdoor activities, including ‘picnic sites’, ‘disposable  BBQs’. ‘ park near me’, and ‘picnic in the rain’. Comparing the number of times these terms have been searched in the 20 most populated cities in the UK, the results were broken down by each respective city’s population. The data revealed which location are ready for some al fresco lunch and where people may prefer to stay at home.

Newcastle upon Tyne is the city most likely to enjoy a picnic. People in Newcastle searches for picnic-related terms 564 times for every 100,000 people in the North East city. This is 34 per cent above the national average.

Meanwhile, London was less enthused by picnic and outdoor activities, For every 100,000 people in London, picnic-related terms were searched only 269 times. This is 36 per cent below national average

The data also reveals which city has had the biggest growing enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Measuring the growth of searches in each city between 2020 and 2021, we can see the cities that have a newfound appreciation for picnics and al fresco dining.

Liverpool had the most amount of growth in picnic-related searches. Between 2020 and 2021, their researches increased by 295 per cent.

No city reduced their searches for picnic-related terms, in no doubt because meeting outdoors has become one of the best and only ways  to enjoy each other’s company during the pandemic. However, people in Glasgow showed the least amount of growth in searches, increasing their picnic-related searches by only 43 per cent.

Will you be going to the local park for a picnic? It’s important that you go prepared with all the essential equipment, such as a picnic blanket and camping chair.

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your outdoor party or gathering – prepared with a range of luxury umbrellas, perfect for anyone in the family. Take the kids out for a garden party with kids umbrellas and let Dad shelter under his favourite golf umbrella. You’ll be ready to brave any storm and keep the picnic going with a great windproof umbrella. No matter the weather, your picnic can still go ahead.