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Fashion Royalty: How to Dress like the Duchess of Cambridge

The British royal family always dress to impress. Kate Middleton, a graceful and elegant English Rose, is the perfect example of fashion royalty in our contemporary society. Whether she attends a charitable event in tennis shoes or a cocktail soiree in stilettos, the Duchess of Cambridge is sure to make a lasting impression.

This blog will explore some of the ways you can borrow from the Duchess of Cambridge, whether it chic shoes, designer umbrellas, or divine dresses.

Chic shoes

Shoes are an integral part of any outfit. The right pair can drastically change your look from causal to formal. If anybody in the royal family understands the power of footwears, it has to be Kate. She is recognized as having an extensive shoe collection, and we can’t get enough of it! She looks stunning in everything from heels to pumps and wedges.

Who said chic can’t be comfortable?

To truly dress like the Duchess, embrace the possibilities of comfortable shoes that are kind to both your feet and the environment. Kate has been known to re-wear her favourite outfits, and she often chooses to sport sustainable trainers. Considering her philanthropic nature, we wouldn’t expect anything less from future Queen Consort of England. So, take a leaf out of the royal pamphlet and be environmentally conscious of your fashion choices.

Designer umbrellas

British weather is unpredictable. From the heights of Scotland to the coasts of Cornwall, rain can fall and soak Brits at any given moment. To prepare for the skips to open , the royal family can always be seen boasting an array of designer umbrellas. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is no exception to this.

If you want to manifest Kate’s style, there are plenty of chic umbrellas you can choose from. More than anything, remember to have fun. Try not to shy away from exuberant colour and whimsical designs. Whether she holds a rainbow umbrella at Kensington Palace or a bubble umbrella on the red carpet, Kate understands how to matches this accessory with any outfit.

Divine dresses

Dresses may be the most elegant item of clothing in our wardrobes. From the queens of antiquity to the princess we know and love today, the royal family are renowned for their lavish gowns. The contemporary dresses Kate wears may be more sleek and simple that the silk gowns of the Elizabeth era, but they’re just as exquisite.

Everyone can look as divine as Kate. To start, wear silhouettes that compliment your shape and floral design that brighten even the greyest of days. It’s  that simple!

We can’t explore Kate Middleton’s fashion sense without mentioning her famous wedding dress. A heavenly sight of white lace, this dress continues to inspire brides-to-be long after 2011. To mirror this regal style, embrace classic A-line silhouettes and a sophisticated lace shrug.

Kate Middleton is the embodiment of fashion royalty-literally. People all over the world aspire to dress as lovely as the Duchess. if you want to dress like her, opt for items that prioritise comfort, sustainability, individuality, and sophistication. How will you channel this style icon?