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Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. For a short time, we are given the opportunity to remind our loved ones how much they mean to us. This can come in many forms, from friendships to family relationships and romantic partners. It doesn’t matter who you’re celebrating with , Valentine’s is a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime. So, where will you go this year?

Here, we will explore five of the most romantic cities to visit the Valentine’s Day. To decide this, we have created an index that utilises data from TripAdvisor on romantic hotels and restaurants. We have combined this Google Search Data around proposals in each city, yearly and per capita. An overall score will then be given to each city.

1 . Inverness, Scotland

Overall score: 73.82

The most romantic city around to our index is none other than Inverness. A stunning city in the North of Scotland, visitors can immerse themselves in a romantic holiday in the highlands. It doesn’t matter where you’re from in the nation you’ve probably heard of the Loch Ness monster. Well, Inverness is home to so much more than the rivers Ness , including an abundance of romantic resultants and hotels.

In fact, this city scored a perfect 100 on restaurant and a respectable 58.05 on hotels. In addition to this, the average number of searches for proposals scored 63.04. Considering Inverness is home to the River Ness, this could be the ideal location to pop the question.

2  . London, England

Overall: 65.26

If the Scottish highland isn’t representative of your personality, consider escaping to London this Valentine’s day. Whether you’re planning to dine on rooftop terraces or explore the iconic streets of Notting Hill, make sure you prepare for any weather and pack a designer umbrella or two, Then, whatever the weather, you will be ready for any photo opportunity .

We’re not surprised to see London on our list of romantic cities. After all, it is the capital of England! The location scored high on each of our categories, including a perfect 100 in romantic hotels. If you’re struggle to choose between the sheer number of establishments on offer, Hotel 41 is rated the most romantic hotel on TripAdvisor.

3. Leeds, England 

Overall score: 50.17

Next on our list of romantic cities is Leeds, the heart of Yorkshire. This North-eastern city transports lovers into a concrete jungle. So, if this is your preference, Leeds might be the place for you to visit the Valentine’s Day. There will be no shortage of things to do and places to celebrate in this city.

Leeds is full of tasty treats. According to our index, this city scored 79.95 on romantic restaurants. From Mediterranean to Indian cuisine, there are lots of place to share a meal this year. As well as this, the prices are quite affordable. The average price of a 3-course meal for you and your partner is £50- even cheaper than Inverness!

4. Norwich, England

Overall score: 47.12

What this location lacks in size, it makes up for in character. The quaint city is deal is ideal for people who want to escape the city. The Saxon buildings and picturesque canals are enough to ignite any romance. So, this might be the right location for you.

Similar to Leeds, Norwich scored 82.80 on romantic restaurants. This is considerably high for a location of its size. If you’ve ever explored this city, however, this won’t come as a surprise. The winding streets are full of cosy places to dine in, including the renowned Brasted’s.

5. Dundee, Scotland

Overall score: 47.11

Last on our list romantic cities is Dundee. This beautiful city in the East of Scotland is by no means the least, however. The stunning water views and mountain ranges make Dundee a city to see this Valentine’s Day. After all, such as the mesmerising Lunan Bay and Brought Ferry.

These are the five most romantic cities in the UK. Our index, which to this conclusion using data from TripAdvisor and Good Searches, was made to inspire your romantic holiday this Valentine’s Day. It only happens once a year, so we recommend making the most out of it. Which city will you visit in 2022?